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How to Profitably Combat Information Overload

Millions rank the Internet right up there with canned beer, sliced bread, and automatic transmissions.


I think it’s the single biggest impediment to profitable investing in the history of mankind.

Never mind all the false news that’s making headlines lately – pun absolutely intended – or even the acerbic nature of it. The Internet is simply overwhelming.

There’s so much information that many investors are hopelessly confused about what to do next let alone how find profitable investments.

If you’re one of ’em, you’re not alone. And, you’ve come to the right place.

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The One Company You’ll Want to Own Before Brexit Negotiations Start

In the words of New York Yankees Hall of Famer, Yogi Berra…

…it’s déjà vu all over again

News broke last week that the United Kingdom will invoke Article 50 on March 29th in a move that will formally initiate that nation’s departure from the European Union, an event known colloquially as the “Brexit.”

I don’t believe investors have fully priced in the consequences and, as a result, you’ve got an incredible opportunity on your hands.  Before I get to that, I’d like to spend a moment on what the Brexit means for your money.

Then we’ll move on to one company you’ll want to own before the Brexit negotiations start.

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