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How to Turn Any Protest into Profits

Like millions of people, I followed the headlines associated with the 3.5 million-strong Women’s March protests closely. Only I wasn’t interested in the identity politics being played out on an international stage.

I was watching because protests about important issues like those the Women’s March represent herald tremendous profit potential.

Admittedly, that sounds cold but that’s very deliberate on my part. In my capacity as Chief Investment Strategist, I don’t have the luxury of taking sides. It’s my job to help you make money by navigating the events that shape our world.

That’s, after all, why we’re here.

Most people don’t think of civil unrest this way and, not surprisingly, their emotions get the better of them as a result. So they have no idea when an event like the Women’s March is a threat or an opportunity.

My goal today is to teach you how to tell the difference between simple dissent and potentially profitable anger.

Tall order?

Not if you know what to look for.

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Why Sears Is Still the Most Dangerous Stock on Wall Street

Sears Holding Corp. (NasdaqGS:SHLD) announced a $900 million deal to sell its iconic Craftsman brand to rival tool maker Stanley Black & Decker earlier this week, leading many investors to wonder if it’s time to pony up for a rebound or just hang on.


Sears is still the most dangerous stock on Wall Street, and if you own it, you’re gonna get hosed… if you haven’t been already.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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