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Why No Amount of Litigation Can Upend Exxon

Activist Kenny Bruno thinks he has a plan to destroy Exxon.

In a January 2016 meeting attended by fellow activists and heavyweight trial lawyers like Matt Pawa, who last year extracted a $236 million verdict from the oil giant, the veteran environmental crusader laid out his precisely-crafted mission to starve the $365 billion company of resources, influence, and ultimately, any meaningful hope for profits.

Millions of investors are understandably shaken and left wondering if they should bail under the circumstances. Many already have, judging from the fact that Exxon stock is down 15% from its June 2014 peak of $103.83.

I can’t think of a bigger mistake.

The last time we saw this script it led to returns of at least 273% for savvy investors who followed along.

The opportunity could be even bigger this time around.

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Washington’s Agenda Shatters Another American Dream & Sets Up Savvy Investors For More Profits

Washington’s made a huge stink about our economic recovery and politicians of all stripes want us to believe that their actions are in the name of your financial prosperity.

What a load of you-know-what.

I’m not going to mince words – our government is killing the American Dream and, with it, the retirement hopes of millions of investors.

Thankfully, though, not yours.

Today we’re going to talk about why the U.S. government’s latest boneheaded move actually clears the path for bigger profits, and how you’ll know what to buy both now and in the future when you see them repeat their mistakes.

It’s another case of something we talk about frequently as part of the Total Wealth approach – the strong always survive.

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