Special Reports


The $6 Stock Ready to Cash in on Trump’s $25 Billion Wall

President Trump’s wall will cost billions of dollars to make reality – and as with any historic shift in capital, there’s always an investment opportunity. The small-cap border security company Keith’s uncovered has already secured whole nations, and President Trump himself has alluded to it on the campaign trail. Here’s your full report on the stock poised for 1,200% gains as it builds Trump’s border wall.


The Best Stocks to Buy (and When to Sell) For Mega Profits This Year

The list of events that could derail markets this year is long and hardly distinguished. There’s Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, China’s moves in the Far East, another E.U. crisis brewing… the Fed… ISIS. None of these things is going away any time soon. That’s why Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald developed this exclusive briefing that reveals the three simple steps to put you on the path to profits – no matter how complicated the markets may seem. Here’s what you need to know.


Five Double-Digit Dividend Plays to Secure Your “Second Salary”

Dividend income and reinvestment can account for up to 90% of total stock market returns over time, making it clear that dividends are crucial to reaching your financial goals and a safe retirement. Especially enticing are the rare dividend-paying stocks with yields in the double-digits. Of the more than 3,000 stocks listed on the NASDAQ, only about 6% fall into this category. But identifying the best of them could be the same as collecting a “second salary.” Click here to view the full report.

Double Your Money on the One Company Cornering the Fastest-Growing Defense Industry

When Keith made his most controversial call in the defense sector five years ago, few had anything good to say about it. But after his recommendation gave investors who followed along the chance to capture 228% profits, most people just wonder if they’re too late. Far from it – as Keith shows in this report, the returns this defense tech company is poised to deliver may actually be accelerating. Click here to view the full report.

Three Ways to Profit from a Market Correction

As markets gyrate wildly, this special report by Keith Fitz-Gerald can serve as your investment compass. Click here to view the full report.

How to Tap into a $17 Billion Trend for Just $1.00 a Share

Our first unstoppable global trend is “human augmentation” – ways for regular people to process ever-increasing amounts of data to do their jobs better. In the next 48 months, I estimate that $17 billion will be spent here. That money is going to flow straight to a small handful of qualified companies – companies that are being formed as we speak. This is going to be big. And it’s finally ready for your investment dollars. I’ll show you the tiny company I’ve identified that I think will be the first to see explosive gains from this, as well as the trading tactics and how to minimize your risk. Don’t miss this. Just enter your email address below for access – and to sign up for Total Wealth.

Five Total Wealth Principles to Use Today (and Every Day from Now On)

I’ve talked to thousands of investors over the years who are absolutely convinced that they need to understand the market’s most complicated nuances to get ahead. In reality, though, success comes down to just five things that I call the Total Wealth Principles. Get these right, and you can make more money with less risk while enjoying a peace of mind that the vast majority of investors will never have. To view the Five Total Wealth Principles, click here.