Change Your Tactics on EKSO to Keep Ahead of Wall Street

Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 06, 2014

Dear Total Wealth Investor,

Most investors operate in “set it and forget it” mode. They buy a stock and then just let it ride.

That’s a mistake.

Either the markets will change over time, in which case you’ve got to re-evaluate your objectives, or – as is frequently the case with small, innovative companies – the company itself changes, in which case you’ve got to adapt your tactics to stay ahead and on the path to profits.

I bring this up because the latter is where we are today with Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. (OTC:EKSO), the little company we’re targeting as part of the Human Augmentation trend.

On Thursday, October 2, Ekso announced that it was selected by Boston Dynamics, which is a part of Google Inc. (NasdaqGS:GOOG), to continue developing defense-related technologies for the DARPA Warrior Web Task A project. This is great because it’s an extension of a previous collaboration – and important validation that Ekso is on the right track.

Given the stock’s strong response last week (and today) and the potential for more media excitement around the extended contract with Google and other projects just like it that are undoubtedly on the drawing board, I think you’re going to want to adapt your tactics to stay ahead of other investors on the path to profits.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Cancel any lowball orders you have to buy the other 50% of your EKSO position at 75 cents.
  2. Instead, plan on adding to your EKSO position over the next two months, buying 25% at a time, until you’ve established a full 100% position.

That way you’ll defeat day traders who would otherwise love to separate you from your money. You’ll also be forced to “buy low and sell high” by taking advantage of market volatility that frustrates most investors who seek the kind of potential Ekso offers.

By the way, Ekso is still a “buy” at market, even though it’s pushed above $1.00/share. And my position sizing and stop instructions remain the same.

My team has updated the report to reflect our change in tactics (on p. 16-17). Click here to download it again. And I’ll be back with you soon.

Best regard for great investing (and greater profits),


7 Responses to Change Your Tactics on EKSO to Keep Ahead of Wall Street

  1. Gabriel Man says:

    Ive just started receiving this newsletter without any request from me.
    Can someone please confirm if I have to pay for this service?

    Many thanks

    • Editor says:

      Hi Gabriel, Total Wealth is a free service and always will be – you’ll get it at no charge for as long as you like. If you’d prefer to unsubscribe, just click the link at the top of Keith’s last email to you. Sorry for any confusion!

      • Patricia Vasqyez says:

        Hi Keith. I am a beginner of almost 6 weeks. It’s beyond me( and I have nine years of college) how you fellows quote a price that a stock is selling for per share. When I go to buy they are not close to that. EKSO and I have 200 shares sells for $!.42 on 10/7. How do you get the shares so cheap. I order when you guys tell about a particular stock to buy. So far, I’m in the read for every share I purchases except and it’s just coasting by .03 cent. What am I doing wrong? How do I get those cheap prices? I know I’m learning and this is how you learn by reading and asking questions. HELP!!! Sincerely Patricia Vasquez

  2. Richard Stites says:

    First of all, thank you for the free publication! This seems like a service that is a real “extra” that enhances value with a macro view. Much appreciated. As to your EKSO recommendation, I have two questions. The first is whether your revenue projections include any revenue from the HULC, DARPA or TALOS products and, if not, what revenue can be expected there and in what timeframe with the same questions being asked about the lesser-described industrial uses. The second question is that I could not help notice the IPO of RWLK and the fact it skyrocketed from low teens to the 30s in a day. If some of the articles listed on Yahoo Finance about EKSO’s product being superior, your indication that EKSO is “the leader” and your indication that EKSO serves a much wider addressable market, why did RWLK receive such a robust reception from the market and EKSO (until recently) has hovered at or below a $1. Is that just an anomaly for which we should be thankful that will correct over time or is there a solid fundamental reason for such a variance? I know that you indicated that you would share more about the story “in a few weeks’ time” but will these issues be addressed? I know that this post covers a lot of ground but would certainly appreciate your insight based on your research.

    • Keith says:

      Hello Richard and thank you for being part of the Family.

      You raise some really terrific points and I’ll be addressing them in an EKSO update shortly. Having spent time at the company’s HQ, there is no question in my mind that they’re the leaders in this space. The fact that they remain relatively off the radar screen for now is a benefit because it can make for even bigger returns down the line when the potential becomes more widely recognized.

      Best regards,

      Keith 🙂

  3. Barrett Cook says:

    ESKO closed at $1.34 today, and that’s down 10% on the biggest up day of the year. I’m not sure this stock is a buy right here. It may be advisable to wait for a further pull back.

  4. Paul Jackman says:

    What is the latest on EKSO stock?

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