Every Dollar You’ll Make in the Next 10 Years Is on This List

Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 03, 2014

Dear Total Wealth Investor,

Welcome to Total Wealth and thanks for being part of the family. I’m thrilled you’re a part of this.

Today I’d like to focus on the central reason we’re spending time together – spotting and investing in unstoppable, global, trillion-dollar trends.

For all the complicated stuff going on around us right now… ISIS, Ebola, the Hong Kong riots, central banking madness… the world is actually a pretty simple place when it comes to your money. And we’re going to navigate that together.

  1. Demographics
  2. Scarcity/Allocation
  3. Medicine
  4. Energy
  5. Technology – including
    Human Augmentation
  6. War, Terrorism, & Ugliness

I say that because, if you look through history, it becomes very clear that humanity has always been and will always be driven by the six key trends on this list.

Of course, there are offshoots and micro-trends (like the Human Augmentation trend I covered in my report out yesterday – click here to see that again). There are even counter-trends. But everything comes back to one of these six things.

More billionaires have been created around these six trends than any other trend not on the list in recorded history.

That’s because capital is a creative force. It wants to grow. You just have to put it in the right place and use disciplined risk management to make that happen. People don’t look at it this way, but I find that’s often simply a matter of perspective.

Most investors are fortunate to grab a really big trend once in their entire investing careers and, in doing so, consider themselves lucky. But I think you can do it consistently and consider yourself wealthy.

That’s why, through the course of our conversation at Total Wealth, I’m going to roll these trends out for you, one at a time, along with a investment you can make now and the trading tactics and risk management tools you’ll need. We started with Human Augmentation. And I can’t wait to show you what’s next.

First, though, let me show you how following the trends delivered a 400% gain…

The Navios Case

During the depths of the 2008 financial crisis, conventional wisdom was that global growth was going to fall off a cliff. Dry bulk shipping stocks, in particular, had been shunned by the market; they were priced as if the end of time had arrived.

Yet I knew there were not just one but THREE of these trends driving a shipping recovery that others didn’t see coming:

  1. Demographics: I knew there were 1.3 billion hungry Chinese who want to live the way we do who were going to continue to grow their economy at 7% or more a year, whether the West fails or not. At the time, there was a new $585 billion Chinese stimulus plan expected to bring 100 million tons of steel demand, and there were earthquake reconstruction efforts too. This was good for shipping companies that carry steel.
  2. Scarcity/ Allocation. Global shipping contracts were getting cut, so the sector was very unpopular. But I knew raw materials, manufactured goods, and especially agricultural products neededto move from A to B – especially for recovery to take hold.
  3. Energy. Global energy demand has increased every year since the beginning of history (since we began tracking such things). Coal, though it may be dirty and hated, is still a major source of energy. Indeed, 2/3 of the world’s electricity comes from coal-burning plants. But someone needs to get the coal to where it’s needed. So a dry bulk shipping company that moves coal would be tapped into the energy trend too.

At the intersection of these three trends was a killer stock that was absurdly cheap.

Action Date Price Return
BUY April 7, 2009 $2.27
SELL HALF OF SHARES (50%) May 4, 2009 $4.54 +100%
SELL HALF OF REMAINING SHARES (25%) January 6, 2010 $6.39 +215%
SELL HALF OF REMAINING SHARES (12.5%) July 22, 2014 $8.90 +400%

So in April 2009, I made a key recommendation that ended up bringing in some tremendous profits… Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. (NYSE:NM).

Just four weeks later, it doubled.

Within nine months, it tripled.

Five years on, we recently took a 400% gain.

You can see in the table to the right how my subscribers fare with this trade. We took profits three times, selling half each time, for gains of 100%, 215%, and 400%. And they still have a 6.25% stake riding in NM for more potential gains ahead.

That kind of trade can have a big impact on wealth, especially for the 57% of households that report having less than $25,000 in savings and investments, according to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

If one of those folks had invested that $25,000 in NM on my recommendation and took profits three times based on my instructions, they’d be on their way with a new net worth of $80,068 today (before fees and commissions).

By the way, this kind of strategic selling is called “scaling out,” and it’s one of the trading tactics we’ll use – because it’s not just enough to identify the trends and which stocks will benefit. You also have to know how to trade them.

Navios was no fluke, either. It was just one of three stocks I recommended that year, based on one or more of our trends, that have returned triple-digit gains. Folks who followed along have enjoyed total returns of 372.27% and 244.11% in such great companies as Gilead Sciences Inc. and FleetCor Technologies Inc., respectively… so far. I say that because by all indications, they’re just getting started. Many of the companies I follow today could double from here and they’d still be cheap given how much money these trends continue to attract and will attract from here until the end of time.

Bear in mind that this works with or without a financial crisis. It doesn’t matter whose butt is in the White House or if Congress gets its act together. And this type of investing will push ahead no matter how a dozen other “coulda woulda shoulda” scenarios that have a lot of investors confused right now play out. That’s the power of the kinds of trends I’m going to share with you.

My point is that you can master the markets and you can become very wealthy by investing in the six trends I’ve shared with you today that have been at the center of wealth creation since the dawn of time. You just have to know what they are, how much is at stake, and what the keys are for investors.

Making money consistently is absolutely within your grasp.

So stay with me. I’m going to show you how.

I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together and, my hope is, make a lot of money, too.

Best regards for great investing,


P.S.: Before we go, I recommend you print out this list and tape it to your computer monitor (or your forehead if you prefer). These are all unstoppable global trillion-dollar trends that are reshaping the world. Play on the edges or on the fringes and you may get lucky. But build your core investments around these concepts, and odds are that you will do very, very well.

The Six Unstoppable Global Trends

  1. Demographics
  2. Scarcity/Allocation
  3. Medicine
  4. Energy
  5. Technology – including
    Human Augmentation
  6. War, Terrorism, & Ugliness

75 Responses to Every Dollar You’ll Make in the Next 10 Years Is on This List

  1. Joe Hughes says:

    Where should we be investing now? Is a crash coming? If so when?

    • GORDON PARKER says:

      awaiting progress – will be anxious to see the results as we continue

      • RubenSSouth1 says:

        Yes good idea to make it happen to have the right of access control and flexibility and control of a sudden and interests of our products and solutions sell half of all three major league in life and I will be a great deal more money and pay for you

    • Ohdmjack says:

      Yes I would like to know also

  2. BERNARD NARCY says:

    I can see where this is going. Never before had i thought these types of gains were possible. I never did doubt Keith per se because i have never dealt with him on a personal basis like this. I am really looking forward to a long,fun filled exciting way to put some money into my account. Just a few NM’s would be real nice.

  3. andre fortier says:

    no crash but a down market for a short while to eleminate the weak hands. in a election year and 2 yeqrs before election it should help the market go up and factory investing. it is a recovery. the world population is growing and the wars all over the planet will help the economy. rebuilding will have to be done one day.

  4. Keith Fitz-Gerald says:

    Thanks so much for your time and for the thoughtful questions today. I will be answering each of them as fast I can get to them in upcoming columns.

    …where to invest now
    …how to prepare for a crash and what to do in the meantime
    …and, how the political mid-terms play into what’s happening at the moment (surprisingly it’s NOT what you may think but everything you would expect)

    For now, though, I want you to review your investments and make decisions on what you want to keep and what you’d be comfortable letting go. I don’t know your individual situation so I can’t say specifically.

    Then, I want you to begin wrapping your mind around change because many of the best opportunities actually come from chaos. So we’ll need to be mentally prepared for that. That sounds trivial I know, but when you see what I’ve got to share with you next week, you know why emotion is so important to higher, more consistent returns.

    Again, thanks for being here and welcome. I, too, look forward to a long, fun and hopefully very profitable journey together in the years ahead.

    Best regards for great investing, great friendships and even greater profits,

    Keith 🙂

  5. Marcel Thevoz says:

    Thank you. It is time to educate the investor with focus on long term trends away from the day to day wild moves at the market. Great job.

  6. Michael McKinzy says:

    The ability to see the future does not require sight just Vision and the Passion to embrace Change and with “Every Dollar You’ll Make in the Next 10 Years Is on This List” I see a clearer picture of my future that allows me to make changes today!-Michael McKinzy-10-03-2014

  7. S Chenn says:

    Excellent information for our investment direction. As a scientist, I knew the exponential exploration of computer science will revolutionize human performance in the future. However, I didn’t realize it is already here.

    Great recommendtion.

  8. Daniel McFarland says:

    I am finding your articles very interesting and I am ready to follow.

    • Panos says:

      Same here. I have just joined in and everything I hear so far sounds really straight forward. What I would also be helpful to hear is how many of the suggested tips did over the past years did not go well

  9. Jo Shannon says:

    Retired with little to spare for investments involving ‘risk’… may dabble but likely limited to watch and play the game with imaginary funds.

  10. Eric Larson says:

    Dear Keith

    I am really excited about your Total Wealth letter and Monday morning, I will start to
    implement your first recommendation, which I think has tremendous potential. You also
    can’t beat the price to buy your first pick. Can’t wait for the next idea in the trends you are
    setting up.



  11. Guadalupe Hernandez says:

    Gracias por todo el trabajo que ustedes hasen soy una persona de muy bajos ingresos y muy poco conocimiento en enbercion pero con la ayuda de ustedes estoy aprendiendo mucho gracias por su valiosa ayuda

    • Keith says:

      Gracias por sus amables palabras. Haré mi mejor para ayudarle al proporcionar el análisis más claro que puedo. También espero con interés la oportunidad de practicar mi español.


      Keith 🙂

  12. Gary D says:

    I must 2nd Joe H’s question of where to invest today, How much should be in cash right now to be able to take advantage of opportunities as they appear. Lastly, what should be the trailing stop? Would 25% be a good starting point?

    Gary d.

  13. suhayl kalash says:

    where to find the positions you qouyed

  14. Steve McCracken says:

    Thanks for the report Keith

    I will defiantly be following your recommendations here, and will keep you updated on my progress.


    Steve McCracken

  15. Clint Swartzel says:

    I like what you guys are up also. Such intelligent work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my website 🙂

  16. Byron M says:

    I purchased shares of your first RECO. In the past I have been really bitten when I buy such low cost shares. They jump up and then do nothing but sink and usually very rapidly. I hope this time will be different. I am anxious for your next pick. By the way, what do you think about BABA? Some folks seem to think it is the next WMT. What is your take?

  17. ROB says:

    I had watched you many times over the years on FBN. when I saw your email I was very interested. I purchased your 2 recommendations and am happily in the green. Thank you…and keep us informed.

    • Keith says:

      Good evening Rob. Thanks for the kind words and for watching.

      I try my very best to deliver honest, actionable and profitable perspective; the fact that you’ve taken the time to let me know is humbling and I appreciate it very much.

      Best regards,

      Keith 🙂

  18. Jay says:

    I’m somewhat surprised you omitted FOOD and POTABLE WATER in your unstoppable global trends.

    • Keith says:

      Thanks for asking and for being part of the Family Jay.

      It’s actually something I am following very closely as part of Trend #2 – Scarcity and Allocation. And, I’ll be talking about both in the weeks ahead.

      Best regards,
      Keith 🙂

  19. Salllie Frye says:

    I want to know what you think is a good stock to buy now.

  20. Lynn Webb says:

    How do i get started and how do i get money

  21. Keith says:

    Good morning!

    Wow…I am tremendously humbled by your comments and the obviously clear thinking that has gone into them. I will do my best to answer them in the days ahead so please keep ’em coming.

    Thanks for being part of the family.

    Keith 🙂

  22. ozzie george says:

    Your promise was a comprehensive coverage of items 1 to 6 but you only covered 1, 2 and 4 (although it’s not hard for one to come to conclusions on #3 – Medicine).
    While it was interesting reading as far as you got, do you intend to cover the rest of the subject areas – 3, 5, 6 ?

    • Editor says:

      Thanks for being part of the family. Keith will be getting to every last one of the trends and then some in the weeks ahead. Plus, he’ll be revisiting them as market conditions change and covering the tactics needed to stay in the hunt.

  23. Susan says:

    I have never invested before. Where do I go to get started an how much cash should I start out with? ie… $100 or

  24. Cindy Jo Speck says:

    Do you guys ever look for yield? I bought 500 share of EKSO TODAY but 3 years or more to get to $21.00+?
    I was thinking that if I was to put 100k in the IWM, 100k in the SPY, 50k in the GDX, & 50k in the GDXJ instead of picking stocks individually & having to reposition, use trailing stocks, sell & buy at the right time, etc….. Would I not come out ok, or maybe even better, I already own BABA & APPL AS WELL AS THE GLD. But I want dividend payments coming to my mailbox every day!!!
    It was just something I came up with today. I bought 10 shares of TSLA ‘s Oct. 18 ,$55.00 strike for $5.00 & sold them 2 weeks later for $12.00.; making a $7000.00 profit in just 2 weeks. I’m just not convinced that buy & hold is better than options. Can you please give me some reasons ? Warren Buffett put in his will for his wife to invest all their money in the S & P 500 should he pass. He’s one of the smartest investors I know. Why would he do that?

    • Mary Ann says:

      1) consider that If the markets take a recession dive- ( which i think will happen by late 2015 (2016 for sure-)printing of monopoly $ & debt combined globally,.. , Do you have enough money to live on every month when your IWM trade falls in half? that is YOUR answer. I’m betting his wife will NOT really need his S&p 500 or iwm money to live on right away:)….. 2nd I know trading can be insane at moments.( i have a few),.But One of my biggest & BEST trade is cashing out after long run ups.. on the IWM.. and then BUYING the orange 12/26 mov avg line when it crosses North up into the 9da MG avg (red line-on my chart) across of the IWM.. I dont try to grab the bottom because your catching a falling knife, loses $$….Wait just a bit, because when it does cross you are far more safe to REALLY buy. and let it run Up into the TOP of the Bollinger band. Then I sell–and wait for the next dip. even the 3-5% dips not to mention the last Oct 8% was wonderful!! i think our US market needs a BIG correction 2015… . nibbling at cvx, Rds/ own PFE & sbux . But so we are clear If the IWM crashes warren wife can live for three yrs with a recession.. and their index fund stocks tanked– CAN YOU?

    • Ger artinos says:

      Do you mean you bought one 1 (mini) TESLA Oct 18 $55 Call for $5.00 (total cost $50.00) and you sold it two weeks later for $12.00 (total proceeds 120.00) and you made a profit of $70.00 ?

  25. Cindy Jo Speck says:

    I’m a bit confused. Are you saying that if I was to put 25k into each of the six stocks you recommend , I will /could produce $80k? I’m very confused!!!
    Can anyone answer my question? I’ve only traded options in the last 7 years & I’m taking on a new role with whom I believe to be one of the best energy investors of our time, but it worries me that I have to hold a stock for so long.
    Thank you
    Cindy Speck

  26. Cindy Jo Speck says:

    To Ozzie
    Where did you get 1,2 , & 4?
    Can you tell us what they were? All I saw were returns on NM, & GILD, BUT I DONT THINK THOSE WERE RECOMMENDATIONS. WERE THEY?
    Thanks for ur reply

  27. Jacqueline Parker says:

    It is what it is and not what it ain’t.

  28. Jacqueline Parker says:


  29. Dave Weiland says:

    Keith, i’ve seen you on tv before and again today cnbc. I think you have excellent insight into a wide range of industries. I joined with you this week and bought EKSO long term. Joined with others on the team oct 4th. Bad week to join but am up $3900 in 2 weeks with that bad week included. What can happen in a good week? (Rhetorical) thanks

  30. BRUCE STEWART says:

    where can I buy it

  31. rodolfo says:

    Thanks, where can I get more info?

  32. Sally Young says:

    Hi Keith,
    I am writing you to ask your advice on how to get started with Investing &/or buying stocks, etc. I have come into some money and would like to make some investments to hopefully grow my income. I have never dealt with buying stocks or mutual funds, etc… I have an IRA, an Annuity and a few shares with Exxon that a friend set up for me years ago. I hate to sound so naive, but the fact of the matter is that I need to face the truth. Thus, I am asking for your advice, input &/or recommendations. I may be asking too much. But, as they say – “Nothing Ventured – Nothing Gained!”
    I would appreciate any advice you would be willing to share with me.
    Thank you! Sally

  33. Narayan Jogal says:

    Kindly send me indian market investment shares like american market. I am living in india. Sir, Please give me status and investment idea of indian market.

  34. Rob Martyn says:

    Well that”s nice,but really,I need to do much better,daylight is burning

  35. blair jamison says:

    Morning Keith;
    I am starting with $100.00 per month to invest. Am I starting something that you can help me increase my future investments with? So far many specialists are giving recommendations, but then ask for cost coverage at more than i have to enter the market. How do I start buying stock in such a way that costs will not over-ride my initial expenses?

  36. Leigh Murphy says:

    I am new to investing and as I live in Australia, I don’t see how I can take advantage of your expertise. Do you give advice on the Australian market. Thank you.

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  38. larry says:

    Very insightful article and i understand your success

  39. Diep nguyen says:

    You talk about 6 month ago.
    is the market reflecting the economy is going thru the contraction phase

  40. Kelly Smith says:

    In light of recent igniters what is your outlook on TASR as of this date. I have been utilizing your research and thoughts since becoming a member and I am greatly appreciate your knowledge. I have been building a portfolio and want to continue having success. Once I reach my goal of 1000 I plan on upgrading my membership. I will be a NOVA success story.

  41. JOYCE says:

    Thank you where can I get more info of the stocks to invest in US market. Also any info on Hong Kong Market.

  42. Andy says:

    Is there a formula that you have for figuring where to put a trailing stop on any investment that you buy? I recently bought a stock but don’t know what is a realistic stop to put on it. I saw where you said to use a percentage but don’t know what you think is an acceptable amount.

  43. Andy says:

    keith, I purchased a stock that you recommended and was going to put a trailing stop on it but you also mentioned it could fall way below that percentage due to market factors. Is this an exception where i don’t put a trailing stop on it till it has played out to the lower number and then put a trailing stop on? thank you

  44. GORDON PARKER says:


    • Leonard "Leo" Bellam says:

      Hi Kieth. So far I do value your insights Kieth, and I greatly appreciate the time and the effort you have given into presenting these facts to your audience. I am a student in Economics and Business Management who has been watching the World stock markets and political scenes for the past three years, and I think that what you have offered so far is sound investing. I will enjoy your posts, and I welcome you to give to me your insights which I strongly agree with in the proportions that any adult competent in understanding the stock markets can consume. I love your 6 trends they make the most absolute sense, and the 2008 recession was properly spoken of in your description of events which I cannot agree with more. You said it correctly Kieth when you said that the World is a hungry place for capital investing, and that is true. May I add that the World will grow exponentially like China, for example, which has grown at about 7% annually. Yes, even the Indians want to live like Americans and Canadians, and will be growing their economy at an alarming rate. Take care my friends, and welcome to investing.

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  46. Henry Banks says:

    Thanks to all that’s apart of my team.And special thanks to Mr.Keith

  47. Lars Honore says:

    Thanks to Keith for this important info. Just want to comment ón the Water supply companies also next to Energy sektor. Lars

  48. IcemanLV says:

    Do I need a brokerage account and if so with who?

  49. DennisJames says:

    Hi Keith, Im new to your reading your newsletter and enjoying it.. I’m one of many who has lost lots of money to bad investments..I hope that with your help and guidance I can change things around..What stock are you recommending right now for a small investor? Thanks for all the insight and good reading you are putting out…. will be watching for a possible government shutdown and the investment opportunities as they present themselves. Dennis

  50. Joan Ramaika says:

    Thank you for this advice; only wish i had known a few years ago. Keep up the good work for investors. Hope we can shrink #6, and grow #4 for humanity.

  51. ANGELA WEST says:

    Am I a reason or have been a part of all this?

  52. Emil S Kapcr says:

    Should I invest now in Hershey, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Google, Intel and Microsoft in equal amounts with 20 % of my portfolio … .with futures Sells as you provide them?

  53. Eleanor says:

    Hello Keith,
    I have been following you for almost a year and believe I have learned quite a bit. I want to make the jump and being very low income and on my own after 42 years married, I have a couple of questions. Is it possible to get started with as little as 500.00? Alot of money to me these days.
    Where do I start? Who do I trust my hard saved money to?
    I have learned to trust what you say and would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

  54. Martin Cohen says:

    Keith, A company that is positioned for exponential growth is Quadrant Four (QFOR), a high tech data base management company taking a leadership position in Healthcare Exchanges, and grade school educational management of students. The company is selling at roughly a $25 million market cap with revenue this year on track for $60 million and likely $100 million next year. Management invests $5 million per year in technology upgrades. The company recently signed up the largest Professional Employer Organization in the country to its healthcare exchange data base servicing more than a million lives. The business model is recurring and scalable, not impacted by a recessionary business cycle. You may want to contact Raymond Catroppa, CFA, director of IR for QFOR for further evaluation. 917-363-1448 Raymond.catroppa@qfor.com marty cohen

  55. Wm Tait says:

    As a subscriber I am disapointed in seeing the same videos like here and other sighes that drag on and on yet really say nothing or give the info everyone need to take any kind of action. Even the literature which is some3what informing tends to drag on in my view of things.
    I guess that is the tech age for business income. Hype, hype, hype., ZIP, Nada.
    My senior moment struck again.
    Now that that is over, there are LOTS of very interesting stocks I’d get, but without a name or ticker, it won’t happen.
    I’d go broke trying to get each having to sign up for this or that and even then you have to sign up again to get another.

    • Rob says:

      I agree. Sometimes I think they forget that not everyone has money. As I am losing every penny I have through a desperate choice. And desperate you would grasp of you saw how I live and spent what money I could for info.in order to live a better life instead of the 41 hard years I have and still living on a couch caused by others misery and as they did. Moved on as I still suffer. 3 and a half years of not knowing the feeling of trust or even friends nor longer. Now home and a simple bed with a sheet I have been dreaming of since the moment I was forced out. do to not being able to afford even living costs or food cause of an attack I was subject to. I have stood tall and still hear but unable to see society the same or finding my confidence again has done nothing but beat me down as a man. I believed so much in this sunedison nonsense which makes more sense for them to go bankrupt and drag it through courts as the yieldco will still earn every year and liquidate as back up cash through the years of battle
      Whatever the case. I’m on Def ears and looks by morning I’ll be broke. As its on the pink sheet realm. Fml. Well I guess I’ve learned a harsh lesson hear as well. Need money to make money and no one can sways be right. Even the pros can be wrong at times. Unfortunately for them. They lose a few bucks. Oh well. Some get it all I was told one day through hard work and some who work even harder end up like me lost and falling into the grey. Goodnight.

  56. haliopapa says:

    Very informative article. Looking back with some of your replies 18 months, 10/14), I wish I had known about “SCALING OUT” now before being pushed out on “trailing stop loss” position on WY…Also if I knew Basic PUT/CALL options would have been helpful.

  57. Gailon Carey says:

    I put money in Silver commodities around 25k , now I have a additional 25k for the Stockmarket I need some great ideas in where to put it

  58. Ron says:

    Yes, I do agree. We are eating ourselves for the inside out. Just A plain and simply TRUTH

  59. leroy snyder says:

    76 YEARS OLD not much to invest, retirement is only income managed to save a little but would like to learn, most .of all needed would be early return, with profits to reinvest. SS RETIRED lost much time stagnation was most of my life.

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