How China’s Latest Moves Affect Your Money

Total Wealth Staff Jan 20, 2015


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  1. H. Craig Bradley says:


    We are too concerned with still trying to be the world’s policeman. Clearly, we tried that for 12 years and were forced to retreat. America is broke and just as important, does not have the political will to fight. America is becoming isolationist, as we were in the 1930’s as the NAZI threat developed in Germany. We pulled inward and ignored overseas developments. The result was WWII. The next time, it will become WWIII. I really believe its just a matter of time, maybe 10 more years or so. No future president can avoid it in the end; there is no escape. The best the next president can do is prepare for it as best we can. Few see it coming. Now you do.

    U.S. forces pulled-out of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2012. True, the resulting power vacuum allowed ISIS to develop and emerge as a new terrorist entity to contend with, but really, is it still the same old ballgame? You would think so from all the articles and commentaries, but I think the game is going to change big time if China steps-in and gets involved. Would China consider doing so? The answer is, it depends….

    If ISIS is stupid enough to close-in on Chinese-owned oil wells (CNOOC) in Southern Iraq and the Sudan, then they are likely to take action to protect their vital economic (energy) interests. China must import almost nearly all its oil and gas for domestic needs of 1 billion people. They can not afford to screw it up or leave it to the the U.N., NATO, President Obama, or whoever. We are no longer a force to fear in the Middle East. Everyone knows it except the voters. China may decide to pick-up part of the former role in Iraq once filled by the United States. Our embassies are being closed-down throughout the region; our ambassadors recalled ( can not protect them anymore). We are in serious regional decline, as we are in the Pacific Region. So, China is the key going forward.

    How many ground troops do you think The People’s Republic of China could commit to protect their vital oil interests in Iraq and Sudan? Easily 500,000. I suspect that is more than enough firepower to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth. In reality, its like a legion of African army ants overrunning a single grasshopper in one of those Nature documentaries. No fighting chance. If Chinese military are posted there, they are unlikely to pull-out or poop-out like we did. The major difference is the Chinese have limited, strategic goals in the region, unlike the U.S. under President Bush. No “nation building”, unless it advances Chinese military and political goals. ( To push the West out of the picture throughout Africa and the Middle East, completely). It would be a first step, a big step indeed, that will eventually put the pieces in place for the next World War to happen.

    • Guillermo Tinoco says:

      In its reasoning applies an intelligent and advanced space telescope, go very far but sees what is, what is there in the future.
      As is well known, political issues they handle political … also handled the military according to their interests …. two …. not care about the economic effects – Financial for their actions …. these costs are paid by taxpayers … companies ….
      China is not directed by political and military ….. statesmen who care about the next generations ….. like the United States and
      90% of the current political leadership of the countries, are dedicated to the upcoming elections ….. real interest .. political power for their group!
      For this politico-military elite, others not interested …. even the economy, finance ….. therefore, you have seen deep into the cosmos in the near future: World War III … that Albert Einstein said … will …. atomic mass destruction … the IV will surely sticks and stones ….. will have to restart .Thanks for their analysis.

  2. mildred says:

    It is a scary picture. Where are the people with wisdom in our government? What are they doing to prepare for such an awful event? What you say is very logical.

  3. Paul B says:

    History repeats itself. If US keeps 5,000 troops in both Iraq & Afghanistan, they don’t fall. Pres. Obama pulls them out, they fall into the hands of ISIS. The S. Koreans are happy Mr. Obama wasn’t President back in the 1950’s. Vietnam all over again. The Press says were through turns public opinion and the U.S. sadly let many people to die in Iraq & Afghanistan.

  4. RJ says:

    The biggest military blunder in modern history is Bush 43 invading Iraq. And under what pretense, WMDs? Even Hilliary Clinton, then Senator, drank the Kool-Aid, spouting off about the threat. Interestingly, Dick Cheney, a senior advisory to Bush 41, when asked why we did not take out a Saddam during the Gulf War, stated that taking out Saddam would cause unmitigated sectarian violence. So the son goes looking for a fight, mismanages the war, invades Afghanistan, a country that has never been conquered, and Obama sends in mire troops than Bush.

    What in hell are we thinking?

    While Obama blundered and created a vacuum by withdrawal, thank Bush 43 for getting us there, and bogging us down in a useless war with over 2,000 dead Americans and thousands more casualties.

    I can only ask myself: are we this stupid, or is there some other end game here?

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