Why The Fed Is Now a Side Show to Markets

Total Wealth Staff Feb 19, 2015


2 Responses to Why The Fed Is Now a Side Show to Markets

  1. clifton howard says:

    2/22/15 @ 8:21 am Chicago

    Dear Keith,

    Many thanks for a laser focused analysis of the “Behind the Scene Big Picture” in the unfolding Greek scenario. Its too easy to forget the importance and implications of “upcoming QE/treasuries as Collateral for the Derivatives,” the 800 pound gorilla which can send shock waves across the global economy.

    Having 2 prepared simultaneous plans ahead of time, if the market goes up or down, and being able to act on either one quickly, makes great sense.

    My key takeaway is NEVER to underestimate systemic risk in highly complex and hyper leveraged markets, and their ever present potential for catastrophic failure.

    cliff howard

  2. RJ says:

    “Our Treasuries, which are are used as collateral for a lot of the derivatives traders.”

    Would you kindly expand upon that statement?

    Thank you.

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