The Real Threat Behind Greece’s Debt

Total Wealth Staff Feb 10, 2015


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  1. clifton howard says:

    2/15/15 9:15 am Chicago
    Dear Keith,
    Many thanks for a fearless, 2 minute in depth analysis of the Greek debt crisis, and its possible implications to the global economy. By enlightening your listeners to the shadow banking system of derivatives, You and James Rickards have explained how scale dynamics can lead to exponential systemic risk and possible catastrophic failure.
    The recent “snowflakes” of possible Greek default, currency and resource wars, armed conflict in Ukraine, negative interest, Swiss unpegging, Euro QE, and China slowdown, suggest a high probability of a financial avalanche. I’ve been moving my assets into precious metals as I watch these events unfold.
    Many Thanks, Clifton F. Howard

  2. Marvin Phillips says:

    Great information.

  3. Marvin Phillips says:

    Very Good Information

  4. Kiwi says:

    Sold an apartment in Italy (yeah) am sitting with euros. Should I take the hit and sell all of them?

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