The Central Banking Madness Behind the March Jobs Report

Total Wealth Staff Apr 07, 2015


4 Responses to The Central Banking Madness Behind the March Jobs Report

  1. H. Craig Bradley says:


    The truth is Keith may be right. California has 38 million residents and Gov. Brown is the man. Back in the seventies, California had 15 million residents and Gov. Brown, again, was the man. What has the state done to improve its water management since the last major statewide drought in 1977? NOTHING ! We have twice the number of residents vying for the same amount of water managed just the same as always and in danger of running out in the next year.

    The state government has done a lousy job of managing resources, in this case specifically potable water. Here is a golden opportunity for the private sector to shine. Public utilities, drinking water in particular, should be partially privatized. For example, Sparklets does a good job of supplying customers with their drinking water. More residential use of recycled water for other uses such as outdoor garden watering would help a lot. Water can be trucked-in with tanker trucks. Its price would be subject to market forces, not government regulations or restrictions. This is clearly a better way whose time may be arriving.

    California could indeed become a ghost town and real estate and the economy would suffer greatly if millions of residents and consumers left ( Fuera). It may happen some day. The ones left, natives like me, who were raised here would have more elbow-room if everyone else went back to where they were from (out-of-state). . I am looking forward to it. Keep a close eye on the elevation of Lake Mead at Hoover Dam for indications of pending mandatory water “mandatory” water rationing in Calif. ( 60 gallons per individual per day)

  2. H. Craig Bradley says:


    California’s current water shortages due to chronic droughts may be resolved through the market mechanism known as “reversion to the mean”. Wildlife Biology says every habitat has a given “carrying capacity”, that is, the population of whatever species that is sustainable in the long term with available resources ( food, cover, water, habitat).

    California may indeed depopulate in the next 20 years or even less because of a lack of essential habitat requirements. As millions of residents leave or die-off, habitat balance will eventually be restored and thus, the state population will come back inline with the natural habitat carrying capacity.

    Other ways to get there involve a number of “mortality factors” such as disease, starvation, war, riots, terrorism. Its nature in action. Nature shows no mercy, neither on the Sarangetti in Africa or the Central Valley in Calif. Watch it unfold on its own, as it must eventually, one way or the other. Its unstoppable.

  3. Dave Wright says:

    The human race has used up natural resourses faster that they can be regenerated since before we learned how to stand up on two feet.
    We will continue in this fashion until return to mean dictates an extinction event. Our business and political leaders will not do anything to avert disaster, and as long as we continue to believe that growth can continue unchecked we will not change our habits.

  4. Dr. Suzanne J. Hill says:

    Dear Mr. Bradley,

    I am also a native Californian, and I am one of the ones who is leaving due to what I perceive as a CRITICAL water problem. Very sad. I will miss the weather (best in the world), and the Pacific Ocean. I have been battling The Water Authority here in San Diego for 15 years, and no one is listening. We are opening a desalination plant in Carlsbad, supposedly in September. I think it will be in November. It will produce 54 million gallons of fresh water daily, which sounds like a substantial amount, but it will only be 7% of San Diego County’s water supply. That’s a problem……..

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