Why No Investors in their Right Minds Will Bet Against China

Total Wealth Staff Apr 17, 2015


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  1. NMSoria says:

    Keith is head on! China is the huge elephant in the room in terms of capitalism. The new AIIB and the BRICS, China is in the central role. The currency swap agreements with multiple countries, very clearly China is in the center of gravity. China is now the 2nd biggest economy in the world just behind the US.

    What if China demanded to collect in gold for the foreign debt of the US? You can’t remove China from any equation especially in capital resources.

  2. Ron says:

    I always have to laugh, seeing the fake paper props the host perennially hold.

    The naysayers have been predicting China’s fall for 40 years. Interestingly, in James Rickard’s book, The Death of Money, he staunchly takes the position that China is in for a “hard landing”. You’ll have to read the chapter for his reasoning. Moreover, his position is that the Euro is here to stay and may replace the USD as the reserve currency by 2025.

  3. H. Craig Bradley says:

    China and the U.S.A. or China ?

    Does your statement ” no investors would bet against China” mean that no sane investor would bet on the U.S.A. or are the two mutually compatible, that is, can both China and the U.S. Stock Markets and economies continue to grow? From your previous position on “unstoppable trends” I would anticipate a “yes” response. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  4. Mr. Di Bella, T.F.W. says:

    China and the USA are possibly fighting for the economy of the world.
    What China has to do is come up with items that the world needs. USA does this each year in in many fields. I don’t see this with China.
    I’ve just come from China. I will be going back to China later this year.
    Yes, there is big possibilities in China.
    With the change in the politics coming in the USA. The USA will realize it has to make its country more friendly to its people in doing business in the USA and world wide.
    The Present administration has no clue.
    Because the USA comes up with the eye breaking news of this and that product we say ahead.
    There are also many old and new companies realizing that manufacturing can be done in the borders of the USA.
    There are many reasons. Control is a big one., Time is another. Quality is another.
    The only big issue about creating a product in China is to get by the Taxes of exporting products to them.
    Foreign countries have of decades been doing it in the USA.
    I say again the USA Federal Government has to change their tax laws to create an advantage to its PRIVATE companies to compete with the foreigners. The next President and its followers realize this.
    Also because of health and air problems and a greater amount of older people in China this is going to push China not forward.
    Our older people are living longer too. They are also giving their money back to the country by spending it.
    We don’t have the air problems of China. The USA realizes that the workers have to have to have good AIR, WATER to live.
    China isn’t yet willing to really, really, reallys face these problems because it will increase the cost of producing products. The will have to face this or their workers will be getting SICK.
    You have to see this to believe it.
    Also the workers see what oher countries workers are earning. The workers are going to revolt in some way of peaceful manner. I don’t know yet. It will happen.
    Look at Hong Kong(HK) Already this part of China is revolting. Yes, I know H K on paper is a part of paper. In reality each time you leave China your passport is stamped “You are leaving China”.
    Yes, you leave China.
    Can you imagine the workers of China see what H K workers earn????
    Yes, China can make a good mark in the World. It is good. Changing the currencies without really knowing how without the experience and having so many in borders problems is something I don’t seem them doing.
    Lastly the Euro has tried to over take the USA Dollar ( $ ). Look now what it is to each other. One Euro buys today only $1.03 something. Earlier it was $1.40 or $1.60 and etc.
    People know what is happening in the world.
    It is good we don’t have a system where we can get rid of incompetent leaders.


    Mr. Di Bella, T.F.W.

    • be says:

      Mr Bella : You or right on all your statements. Especially the action of our government. The current party only thinks of collection of money [taxes/ import/export] to deliver it to unemployed or to anyone who does not won’t to work, but they all have a iphone. I ‘m sorry to be so soricastic, but that most seniors beleive.

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