What the “Bond King” Gets Right About the Fed Today

Total Wealth Staff Jun 10, 2015

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One Response to What the “Bond King” Gets Right About the Fed Today

  1. A J Economides says:

    I’m 88yrs old and getting quite forgetful. I used to be very bright. Honors each year in HS. I did the Uof IL in less than 2&1/2 years with Honors and 3 possible majors. I said,”Give me all three.” They couldn’t so I picked Marketing as major and English and Philosophy as minors. My IQ in 2 tests was 136 and 137. In the Army IQ test was way above that, like 146, I think. The military tests al;ways showed higher than the IQ civilian tests. Anyway, I’m concerned about Alzheimers. I’m forget some basic spelling (I had won a city-wide SBee when I was 10 or 11 and was always very good at Math. Now I struggle with spelling and with simple ,math problems at times. What do you think? Am I going down the drain? My forgetfulness started about four or five years ago. It’s gotten worse each year. Am I going to hit Alzheimers soon? I do lots of crossword puzzles but the NY Times puzzles I can only get to Tuesday or Wednesday. The Chicago Sun Times has easier puzzles and at times I come up with answers that I had no idea I knew, so there’s a little brain left. I’ve had two close relatives (not blood) who’ve had Alzheimers and it scares me to death. What do you think? My doc says, “Don’t worry about it. It’s somewhat normal for your age.” But I see others at my age much sharper.

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