Why “Glocals” Will Excel in These Markets

Keith Fitz-Gerald Jul 17, 2015

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One Response to Why “Glocals” Will Excel in These Markets

  1. H. Craig Bradley says:



    Do you consider Facebook a “Glocal” at this point? It earned .23/share in the first quarter of this year and .35 in the last quarter of 2014. What’s next? Time to update your take on Facebook and similar stocks (ROCKETS) in the domestic stock market. Here is a bet, given current investor sentiment and momentum:

    There is a chance that Facebook, not Apple, will hit the magic valuation of $150/share first. I don’t know when either will make $1 Trillion dollar market cap or the next magical number of $200.00/share. If China slows and drags down Apple’s revenue and share price in the coming year, then Facebook might just be the “dark horse”. I know you would be surprised, but I would not. Time to toot the bugle?


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