This Development Could Make Me (Begrudgingly) a Facebook Bull

Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 10, 2015


3 Responses to This Development Could Make Me (Begrudgingly) a Facebook Bull

  1. simon.jack says:

    I am so pleased,

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  2. H. Craig Bradley says:


    The fact that Facebook is still growing, even from a tiny amount of earnings all the way up to almost $1.00/share is notable. Still, I tend to view Facebook as a speculative stock that might not hold up too well in a rapid bear market decline like we had in October 1987 ( Black Monday). I get a sense this could happen once again this Fall, as things don’t appear too good economically and globally. So far, Facebook investors are believers and exhibit “strong hands”. I feel differently after the way the IPO was handled.

    By comparison, Alibaba has done just as poorly in the year following its IPO, but it was managed much better in my opinion and has good will as a result. While I admire CEO Ma at Alibaba, I don’t think much of the character of FB CEO Zuckerman. He is a punk. So, since I never use social media ( privacy concerns) I have nothing much to like about Facebook except it will go up as long as we have the FED and a bull market behind it. For the record, I sold my shares in 2013.

  3. H. Craig Bradley says:


    Facebook users, largely millineals, have shown they do not value personal privacy and they have rather big egos for their age, as well. They post what formerly passed for confidential information or private information. In the past, marketing firms had to pay to get this information, but now, an ENTIRE generation gave it away freely (voluntarily) to Facebook to sell and make money on. Even the CIA has stated Facebook has more data on individuals ( self-disclosed) than the Federal Government Does. That says a lot to me about the misplaced trust this generation has placed towards society and corporations. There is more going on with Facebook than meets the eye for sure.

    CEO Mark Zuckerman in effect, “took candy from babies”, as “they” say. He has little respect for his registered site users. Pretty disgusting. Not going to buy this company again even if it beats Apple to the magic $200/share level.

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