Friday’s Jobs Numbers Show 40 Years of Bad Financial Policy Are Catching Up With the Fed

Total Wealth Staff Sep 04, 2015

2 Responses to Friday’s Jobs Numbers Show 40 Years of Bad Financial Policy Are Catching Up With the Fed

  1. James Doe says:

    Who can trust a group of people called congress that takes long recesses when there too much work that needs to be finished, a backlog of a couple of years! If the private sector ran it’s day to day functions like our government does they would fold overnight an people would be hurting badly. Too big a government an an no money to pay the bills that’s not workable in the private sector! Our government is no different than the Communist all around the world they cannot be trusted. So where do we go from here, people are going to stop spending money on big line items because they can’t get the money to do otherwise conseQuently the whole world economy goes done the tube people will go without an do with what they have until the government gets out of the way an local jobs take over as the needs arise meanwhile back in the neighborhood people will barter with each other until times improve! There a major recession coming our way an it will be way worse than the Great Depression of the 1929 Era just because of the numbers involved today. It will make what happened to the PIGS look like small in comparison. It’s coming America brace yourself once again the government has betrayed us an if your working class which 98% of Americans are you an your family will suffer! Consequently their will be carnage in the streets an neighborhoodsee it’s coming it’s only a matter of when. As surely as the sun rises an sets this day will come. As always the greatness that the people of this great country have been blessed with will rise to the occasion an conquer the problem. Just study the history of this countries involvement in the world since the beginning we’ve saved alot of countries bacon an that’s the absolute truth about it! The stock market is a cap shoot at best don’t invest money in it unless your family can afford to lose it! Invest in tools an knowledge to use them, organic seeds to grow your families food, be great full to God that he gave a chance at life an follow his word to the T an come the right moment you’ll be on the right side of eternity! If you follow this way of life no matter what comes you & yours will reap what you’ve sown an this applies to the entire world, once again just study history an pay attention to the life as far & near, as you can see it if your able to accomplish this on a day to day basis you’ll be a survIvor an your community will be happy to have you! REMEMBER IT’S ABOUT “LOVE” THAT’S THE BEGINNING AN THE END OF IT ALL! PEACE OUT FOREVER AN EVER!

  2. Danny says:

    Great comments Keith, I’m glad to see stand right up and tell it like it is!!! Especially how its the banks who have the money, and the wall street cronies. the real people didn’t get much if anything out of all of the six years of QE.

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