The Fed Would Be Deeply Irresponsible to Raise Rates Now

Total Wealth Staff Sep 07, 2015

3 Responses to The Fed Would Be Deeply Irresponsible to Raise Rates Now

  1. Bernd Lewkowitz says:

    I am listening to your rosy assessment of the great economic picture but in no way can I agree with your picture.
    Americans have always spend more than they earned without saving for their old age r their children’s education.
    And yeas they bought cars as long as there is somewhere to finance it. This is no progress but more like digging
    ones own grave. Just check the huge amount of people who can neither feed themselves or their children. Look
    at the foreclosure advertisings. The worst is that our government acts in their spending as uncle Sam would be
    able to support them. With our Dollars value of 3 cent you are dreaming that business as normal is here to stay.
    Any interest increase of 1/4 % will put another nail in the barrowers coffin, not as 1/4% but at least 1% and that
    would be on the low end. Last but not least why would the USA pay now an interest when we are so hard pressed
    to meet our financing expenditures for the 18 Trillion Dollars we owe. Get real, you sound like the pied piper who
    drowns us all. Keith is right !

  2. irene mccallister says:

    where is specific investments to save money because of Europe refugee crisis

  3. Patricia Krenik says:

    No one I know has “recovered” from the 2008 recession. We are all barely coping. The people I know are small business owners, the self employed.

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