A Rate Hike in December Is a Good Bet

Total Wealth Staff Oct 28, 2015

4 Responses to A Rate Hike in December Is a Good Bet

  1. Dan says:

    How many times have we heard the same line now?

    • Keith says:

      Exactly my point, Dan. However, now that the Fed has removed key language, it’s going to be harder for them to back out like they have in the past.

      Best regards and thanks for being a member of the Total Wealth Family, Keith 🙂

  2. Christopher Coleman says:

    Hi Keith! After Ekso Bionics Q3 earnings are you still bullish about the company. Do you think they will get FDA approved?

  3. Myron Martin says:

    Anything is possible, and yes the FED may finally decide that a .25% hike in the interest rate is so minuscule that in spite of negative indicators still dominating, they may bite the bullet before their credibility is totally obliterated..

    On the other hand, they have been misleading investors for so long that one more time won’t make much difference. The bottom line is that the system is so broken that no matter what they do it could easily blow up in their faces. The bottom line truth is that we desperately need a new monetary system that gives us honest money that can no longer be manipulated to the benefit of the few. As long as our currency is borrowed into existence as debt we are on a slippery down hill slope. It is growing ever steeper and eventually the system will fail in a spectacular blow off that could be prevented if the powers that be recognize the danger and act decisively in time. Not holding my breath.

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