Now’s The Perfect Time To Buttress Your Portfolio With “Must-Have” Investments

Total Wealth Staff Jan 07, 2016

4 Responses to Now’s The Perfect Time To Buttress Your Portfolio With “Must-Have” Investments

  1. Barry says:

    Hi Kieth, I may have put this in wrong spot earlier today

    & once asked same of u in Contact form on website but never heard back and you always said here is the best place for questions
    Hi Kieth & Happy New Yeear

    Love your market comments and big picture , lowball orders and whenever I see u on TV , enjoy your interviews

    Can u comment on Esko Bionics slide since they announced this finacing

    & that came after
    ReWalk Robotics (RWLK) Stock Continues to Rise Following V.A. Deal that cuased the stock to almost triple, even with a market correctyion its still a double since

    it seems like ReWalk beat Esko to the punch Re the VA, its like a stamp of approval

    how do u see this playing out for Esko sales in the medical & other fields and the log term performance of the stock thats now back to where u originally recommended it

    Please update Esko & CWCO as u feel appropriate but know water is a super trend , just worrying if we backed right horse in light of VA Re Walks endorsement

    Thanks , Barry

  2. david helms says:

    i have approximately $10K to invest and would like some sound advice on a top notch stock that has the potential to pay a high yield percentage. thanks for advice you can offer.

  3. Renan T. Ostoa says:

    Everything seems really extraordinary.

  4. Palo says:

    Hey Keith,

    We are looking for specifics on what to buy now and not seeing much from you. Do you think it is still too early?

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