What a Trump Victory on Tuesday Means for Markets

Total Wealth Staff Mar 14, 2016



4 Responses to What a Trump Victory on Tuesday Means for Markets

  1. Daryll Braddock says:

    Thanks so much for all of the great news. I look forward to capitalising upon as much and as many opportunities that come my way in the future wen have some funds to invest. Cheers DB

  2. Jon Love says:

    Keith, I feel that you are doing a very forthright, honest and truly valuable job of getting guys like me introduced to trading in securities and other investments–with the idea in mind of making honest profits on them as soon as possible. I am 75 and a complete tyro to the markets. And here’s a couple of places where I’m stuck: (1) TD tells me that I can only buy the Base Builder GLD through them, but not Vanguard Wellington (VWELX), Pimco (NYSE: RCS), NUVEEN (NYSE: NQU), nor U.S. GLOBAL INVESTORS (NEARX) and (2) does High Velocity Profits publish a portfolio broken into Base Builders, Growth and Income, and Rocket Riders such as the one Money Map Reports has sent me a few times, and where can I access the latest version? Thanks Keith. 5/9/16
    J. Love

  3. Dean Kacher says:


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