If I Have One Message to Individual Investors, It’s This

Total Wealth Staff Apr 07, 2016

3 Responses to If I Have One Message to Individual Investors, It’s This

  1. Steve says:


    Next week will be the earning week starting for those big banks like BAC, WFC, JPM, etc. I guess it isn’t going to be pretty because of the oil company loans. What do you think ?


  2. Harold Hansen says:

    Keith, I would also like to know about what Steve is asking above on
    Big banks reporting.

    I also would like to know, with this loom of inflation, is this the “uh oh?”

    Since I hear very little of what we can do to survive this mess, I’d like to ask what a disabled vet is supposed to do now that the Gov’t won’t take care of the soldiers that fought for this country, and now, knowing all along what they were doing, abandons not only my vote, but lets us die without the medical care that a decent Gov’t once promised they’d give for helping them make trillions of dollars for their own private portfolios.

    I have no idea where I should put my money or metals anymore.
    I’ve got a ton of books, but I really don’t know at this point and why I should look to make any more money? Keith, can you you help with this?
    Thanks! Harold

  3. Wild Bill says:

    This is for Keith. I’m planing on coming aboard with the High Velocity team. That’s a lot of money for a short soin, if as profitable as you stated it would be worth it. I’ve already lost too much on bad advice, so when I play catch up like i’m doing and get more money (above my zone) I’ll be sitting on the porch with big dogs! Be glad when that happens and it will happen as long as things are doing what I hope will happen. Good advice ain’t cheap, if it’s bad it isn’t either. So to put bluntly I’ve gotten some bad! Thanks for listening. Bye now.

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