Keith’s Live Q&A

Total Wealth Staff Jun 28, 2016

Special Event: Keith went live on Facebook to discuss the current markets and answer pressing questions from viewers. Our Chief Investment Strategist covers post-Brexit opportunities, what will happen in the E.U. and, most importantly, what it all means for your money.

2 Responses to Keith’s Live Q&A

  1. Gary Van Skyock says:

    I only have $2000 in my account, so I can’t invest $500 in 5 or 7 stocks each Monday. Sounds like a wonderful
    idea but how can cash-limited peope like me keep up? My brokerage firm (Scottrade) in name, also likes
    to see $2,500 in the account after each transaction. Trades are only $7 but that is another $35 dollars
    each Monday. Grand Total = $2,535 for a starting number.

  2. Dale Yamarino says:

    Keith I fully enjoyed this presentation, and hope to catch all the follow ons. I’ve been with you for a few years now and seem to be riding with the tides, despite following the principles in the Total Wealth plan. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

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