How You Can Capitalize on Central Banking Chaos

Total Wealth Staff Aug 15, 2016

Central bankers have made their vision for markets very clear – and while there will be hell to pay, the day of reckoning won’t come today or tomorrow. Here Keith explains how to profit in the meantime.

One Response to How You Can Capitalize on Central Banking Chaos

  1. Harold Hansen says:

    Keith, can I get into this without using options, and if I do have to
    Trade using options, what do I need as far as ETrade is concerned
    Man I need the money so bad!wherd else am I go? I rally do t want to
    Leave Money in there when I have no idea what’s really going on?
    Any advice? I see these stocks all the time, but you need at least $5000
    In each trade. To make money . What can a small investor do ?
    One’s gotta love to make a few million real quick? With this I might be
    Able to. Do you know of talk about new currency’s and is there an electronic bank like Bitcoin that you’d recommend and his to get in.
    That’s the problem I have. What can a small investor do? I mean., I don’t
    Mind making a few hundred thou vs a few mil, if you know what I mean?
    When the time comes,are you going to leave some stocks in the market ?
    Thanks, but this is something I’d really like to get a answer to. Thanks!

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