Keith Fitz-Gerald: Don’t Listen to Goldman Sachs (Again)

Total Wealth Staff Aug 01, 2016

Goldman Sachs sounded the alarms this week, telling investors to ditch equities and avoid the markets at all costs. Keith sat down at Fox Business Network to discuss the risks of blindly following false alarms like these, what investors should be doing instead, and how there’s still money to be made – no matter how confusing the markets may seem.

6 Responses to Keith Fitz-Gerald: Don’t Listen to Goldman Sachs (Again)

  1. Mike wildassin says:

    Looking forward to seeing your info

  2. Myron Martin says:

    Listening to Goldman Sachs is a recipe for investment disaster. They always have an agenda that is designed to mislead the retail investor.. The old adage to watch what they do as opposed to what they say is well applied on this question.

  3. Gailon Carey says:

    I want in where should I jump in at , 65 a few Thousand to use 10-20.

  4. Gailon Carey says:

    Do you think 20k in Silver commodities is a good investment at this time

  5. Gailon Carey says:

    I feel like a investment in lithium would be a very good investment right now, do you agree

  6. John acland says:

    Unfortunately for the small invester the entrance fees are just too high. I traded a million for two decades now $ 15,000.

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