What Tonight’s Debate Means for Markets Tomorrow

Total Wealth Staff Sep 26, 2016

Tonight’s debate between Trump and Clinton is expected to break ratings records, and millions of traders are ready to move their money on the outcome. Here’s Keith on why we won’t have to wait until tomorrow morning to see the effects on markets.

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  1. Alvin Coleman says:

    do you offer something for a complete newbie to understand and help/ to get started? are there offers for the low/fixed income folks like me?


    • Jessica Sheppard says:

      Hey Al, and thanks for reaching out!

      If you’re relatively new to investing, you might want to consider Keith’s Money Map Report service. It’ll show you how to develop a solid portfolio structure and keep you up to date with the latest (and most profitable!) trends. As a subscriber, you’ll receive weekly updates as well as premium monthly issues containing insights from Keith and other members of his team.

      As of right now, the Money Map Report portfolio has more than 40 profitable positions! Check it out, and let us know what you think. Also, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team with any other questions you might have. Their number is: 1.888.384.8339

      As always, thanks for being a part of Total Wealth!

      Jessica Sheppard
      Associate Editor

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