Keith – The Real Market Move Will Be in 2017

Total Wealth Staff Dec 16, 2016

Millions of investors are giddily anticipating the Dow hitting 20,000 by Christmas, while many more fret that the rally can’t last. Here’s Keith on why the real market move will be in 2017, as well as the sector that will go “dark within a decade.”

One Response to Keith – The Real Market Move Will Be in 2017

  1. Marcel Thevoz says:

    The best indicator for the start of a bear trend is the public surge of optimism based on Trump being able to move the economy to a higher growth rate after an 8 year of slow uptrend ….how can we ignore the impact of the current indebtness both here and in the outside world ? Getting out of stocks and waiting to buy bonds at the coming bottom is one strategy I like best….

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