Forget Detroit – These Two Companies Have a Lock on Self-Driving Vehicles

Total Wealth Staff Jan 09, 2017

Millions of investors are focused on conventional automakers when it comes to self-driving cars. Yet, as Keith points out, the real winners are thousands of miles away for one simple reason. With billions up for grabs, you’ll definitely want to hear what he has to say.

3 Responses to Forget Detroit – These Two Companies Have a Lock on Self-Driving Vehicles

  1. Mary E Gray says:

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    • Do or do be not afraid says:

      mary you need a broker account online w td bank”s “td ameriTrade r” or scottrade they own now or eTrade or Fidelity or Schwab. All top notch known names. theses usually offer no fees no commissions for 500-700 trades for fist 2 months td and 6 months on a couple others. you can create a mini micro portfolio w 40-80 penny stocks IF you are paying no commission. That is if you treat that money same as casino money in the short term to long enough time you MAY hit jackpot in 2 years on a handful. if its all the play money you can afford to regard as gambling then uyou have every right to put it on the penny stocks in safety of your home online instead of the penny slots in Slum City

  2. Richard E. Brezin says:

    When and what price should I buy Google and Amazon at?

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