Keith – Health Insurers Could Tumble 50% As Obamacare Unravels

Total Wealth Staff Jan 04, 2017

Obamacare has been a godsend for the health insurance industry, but what one President gives to a sector, another can take away. Here’s Keith on why America’s biggest health insurers are in for a historic correction once Obamacare goes.

4 Responses to Keith – Health Insurers Could Tumble 50% As Obamacare Unravels

  1. Joe Stoothoff says:

    can I get your free 26 F book only ? Already money map customer.

    • Jessica Sheppard says:

      Hi, Joe, and thanks for reaching out!

      If you’re an existing Money Map Report subscriber, you have access to all of Keith’s exclusive reports! Check under the “Research Reports” tab of your subscription page, and look for “Unleashing the Power of 26(f) Programs,” or click here to view the report directly. (And have your login info handy!)

      As always, it’s wonderful to hear from members of the Money Map family, and we hope you enjoy the briefing!

      Jessica Sheppard
      Associate Editor

  2. Rick Sheets says:

    Unfortunately I live in a predominantly dumbacratic state. It’s been nearly, 4 years since medical marijuana has been approved and still there are no distributions. I am looking for Mr. Trump to make this a federal law so I can get distribution from other states. My state Maryland, would rather encourage addiction to pharmaceutical drugs feeding the drug companies pockets.

  3. Steve Olah says:

    Would like to be in for the $1,000 +

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