Two Top Candidates for Solid Returns

Total Wealth Staff Jan 17, 2017

Keith was asked on air to name two stocks on his radar for their potential to deliver solid returns. One makes non-invasive medical technology that clocked 100 million uses last year. Another helps companies struggling in sectors that will be “right under Trump’s microscope.”

4 Responses to Two Top Candidates for Solid Returns

  1. philip Gleason says:

    seems too good to be true !!!!And or workable without experienced guidance

  2. philip Gleason says:

    what a good sounding thing

  3. Harold Hansen says:

    Keith, sorry. I wanted to hear what you think about Lithium
    I’ve been kinda studying lithium X a bit, but I know there a lot more to it
    Is it something that will keep on truckin’ like we use to say?
    It sure sounds like it.
    And I’ve gotten into that UtO stuff. I think that’s the way they spell it.
    They talk about Sweden or Switzerland to stay away from China.
    And Australia. Would you get into those two countries?
    I know it’s broad but thanks! Harold

  4. Harold Hansen says:

    Keith- or three countries? I forgot Australia!
    Thanks. H

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