President Trump Hates This Stock (And It Could Make You 1,180%)

Keith Fitz-Gerald Feb 24, 2017

By now most investors know that they can make a lot of money if they own a stock President Trump likes. But what they don’t know is that they could make even more money when he “hates” one.

Like he “hates” the company I want to tell you about today.

Hear me out…

The Last Time We Saw This Pattern You Could Have Grabbed 1,180%


What was the one sector that created more millionaires under President Obama than any other?

Many investors think it’s renewable energy thanks to the tens of billions of dollars in stimulus the President sent that direction. It’s not for nothing that energy-heavy investments like Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. (NYSE:BEP) returned 170% during Obama’s tenure.

Others will tell you that it’s got to be health insurers thanks to Obamacare. That’s a good guess considering companies like United Health Group Inc. (NYSE:UNH) turned every $10,000 invested into $80,600 under his administration for a jaw-dropping 706% return.

But, the real answer may take you by surprise.

President Obama hated guns with a passion and seemingly went out of his way to cripple the industry. Yet, gun-related companies like American Outdoors Brand Corp. (NasdaqGS:SWHC) – formerly Smith & Wesson – shot up more than 1,100% during his time in office.

Now, we’re seeing the same story unfold – just with a new President and a new company.

Never one to mince words, President Trump has made it very clear that he cannot stand his coverage by The New York Times Co. (NYSE:NYT).

And legions of Trump-haters have responded accordingly… by signing up!

Just as President Obama prompted a run on gun sales, President Trump is inadvertently creating a subscription boom that defies the imagination.


When Legions of Liberals Hit “Subscribe”

This is counter-intuitive, but every time President Trump lashes out at The New York Times, hundreds if not thousands of anti-Trumpers hit “subscribe” as a personal act of defiance.

For example, The New York Times added 41,000 subscribers to its print and digital platforms in under a week following his election. And the paper’s numbers are accelerating with each new diatribe.

The company’s CEO, Mark Thompson, is crystal clear on the benefit that progressive contempt for Trump can have on The New York Times – so much so that he couldn’t help but wrap the anti-Trump mantle around his paper when he had this to say during the company’s most recent earnings conference:

“President Trump was once again busy tweeting this weekend that our audiences and our subscribers were, to use his word, ‘dwindling.’

Well, not so much, Mr. President. We had spectacular audiences in the quarter, with 220 million unique users coming to us in November, for example. And, as for subscribers, in Q4 we added 276,000 net new digital subscriptions to our news product. For comparisons, that’s more net new subscriptions in one quarter than we added in the whole of 2013 and 2014 combined.” [my emphasis added… combined!!]

What Thompson didn’t say is that each of the 276,000 new subscribers may be paying the company up to $237.6 a year for subscriptions. That’s the single best quarter for the newspaper in more than five years.

Obviously the paper still has a long way to go, but numbers are numbers.

The New York Times just celebrated its three millionth subscriber which is worth noting when you consider the potential universe of more than 65 million Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton.

Interestingly, the numbers are not entirely driven by liberal Americans like you’d think.

People around the world are taking part. According to company data, foreigners living outside the United States account for 13% of NYT subscribers which works out to nearly 300,000 readers and a percentage that has held steady well beyond last November’s “Trump Bump.”

Here’s where it really gets interesting, though.

Three Reasons President Trump Will Be Better for the NYT than President Obama Was for Gun Stocks

Millions of Americans who value their guns had a major market impact for gun stocks. But that was “only” a few million Americans, because people abroad had no Obama-driven incentive to buy arms and ammunition. In many cases, they couldn’t because their governments prohibited doing so.

But we’re not talking about “only” a few million Americans here. We’re talking about tens or even hundreds of millions of people both at home and abroad who disdain Trump and who are happy to shell out a few dollars a week to stick an imagined thumb in his eye by purchasing a subscription.

What I like about this from an investment perspective is that President Trump isn’t afraid to burn bridges abroad any more than he is at home in his quest to “make America great again.” That suggests millions of potential subscribers around the globe will be turned off accordingly, no matter who else is cheering.

Another plus is that signing up for The New York Times is much quicker and easier than buying a gun in America. You don’t need to pass a background check nor do you have to wait three days to complete the purchase, for example. You merely point and click, as I expect millions of people to do during Trump’s administration.

And finally, President Trump is a tireless tweeter, which means he continually returns to the proverbial well every time he hits the “send” button. President Obama’s elections and his 2015 executive order to strengthen background checks each happened once.

Trump rails on The New York Times several times a day when he gets going, and every one of his tweets is almost instantaneously retweeted by followers and opponents alike. Naturally the media has a field day with this and that further enhances the reach we’re talking about.

Normally I’d say a social play like this dies down as the novelty wears off, but I don’t think that’ll be the case any time soon based on Thompson’s defiant comments. Like any good CEO who understands his market, he knows exactly how much his paper has to gain by provoking President Trump.

That’s why I expect The New York Times to become even more hostile towards the President, and why I think the profits we’ve seen to date may be but a fraction of what’s ultimately on the table.

And to think that people don’t find politics profitable.

Until next time,


14 Responses to President Trump Hates This Stock (And It Could Make You 1,180%)

  1. mary heaney says:

    how do I invest ?

    • Keith says:

      Hello Mary.

      I assume that you’re referring to the New York Times in which case the ticker is NYT on the New York Stock Exchange. If you’re talking about something else, can you please elaborate when you have a moment?

      Best regards and thanks for being part of the Total Wealth Family, Keith πŸ™‚

  2. Robert Lucas says:

    Though I did not vote for Trump. I can only refer to the concept suggested by others that we are on a plane ride enduring a very bumpy ride. With Trump as our pilot, we can only hope that Trump is able to get us to the end without a major accident. We are forced to hang on and hope that he succeeds.

    • Keith says:

      Hello Robert.

      That strikes me as a good analogy for both sides of the aisle and in many nations at the moment. Well put!

      Best regards and thanks for being part of the Total Wealth Family, Keith πŸ™‚

  3. thinker75 says:

    It is certainly sad to see the nation so divided, but considering the reality of human nature it is nor surprising to see the biased and controlled media catering to the lib-left, socialist agenda dominated by globalists who think they are uniquely qualified to rule the world. Freedom loving Americans who believe in the constitution and the wisdom of the founding fathers will not be fooled by the lefts attempts to destroy it. People who love freedom and take responsibility for their actions and lices instead of looking for more government handouts and interference in their personal and business affairs have found their champion in Donald Trump, but turning the ship of state around is not an easy job given the entrenched nureacrazy and vested interests. Trumps ideas may have some flaws but fair minded people should give him a chance before judging him so harshly. People acting to actively overdraw him should be charged with treason and punished accordingly. We don’t need more laws, we just need people with a backbone to enforce the ones already on the books that do not violate the constitution or common sense..

    • Keith says:

      Hello there and thank you for such a thoughtful reply. I am struck, in particular, by your observation…people with a backbone. Indeed. No matter which side of the aisle you and I sit on, that seems to be missing inside the Beltway just as does the ability to have a meaningful, constructive dialogue. Not in a million years did I imagine raising my boys in such an environment!

      Best regards and thanks for being part of the Total Wealth Family, Keith πŸ™‚

  4. Eddy B. says:

    Keith, That is 1 incredible thought, and I agree with you on that. We all know that President Trump cannot keep himself from tweeting, even thou it would be best for him and the country, to stop the tweets. Looks like the New York Time is going to have a fabulous year, and if we investors invest in the stock, we should as well. Have you added the New York Times to 1 of your Subscriptions ?

  5. Keith says:

    Thank you for the kind words Eddy. I try very hard to bring the best opportunities I can find to the Total Wealth Family and am pleased that this strikes you as a good one. The research is certainly compelling!

    Best regards and thanks for being part of the Total Wealth Family, Keith πŸ™‚

  6. Linda says:

    Speaking of treason, each day it looks more and more as though the Trump campaign coordinated with the Ruissians in an effort to defeat Hillary Clinton–now that would be treason. Jeff Sessions was just caught lying about his contacts with the Russians. Why would he lie about it if there was nothing to hide? Other campaign officials, including Jerud Kushner, connected with the Russian ambassador during key moments of the campaign. Flynn had to resign due to his Russian contact. The jury is still out, but investigations need to go forward. If the Trump administration did not collude with the Russians on their campaign, they have nothing to fear from an investigation. If you are worried they won’t get a fair shake, then there is a need for a special prosecutor who is unbiased to lead the investigation.

    As for what you call the liberal biased media: The NY Times and Washington Post vigorously covered Hillary’s server issues and thoroughly covered the many Benghazi investigations. They do not shirk from investigating Democrats.

    The media isn’t perfect, but it does a fairly decent job of looking at all candidates from all angles. Of course there are media on both sides of the aisle that look at issues only through their own partisan lens. But major media such as the aforementioned newspapers and Time, Newsweek etc. work hard to report from the middle path.

    Unfortunately, funding cuts caused by reduced readership resulting from the availability of all the free online news has reduced coverage of some issues. Have you noticed the evening news from the big 3 networks rarely cover international news and only cover a little bit of national news–they are geared more toward entertainment. This is due to budget cuts I assume. CNN and FOX? Okay, they’re both a bit partisan. So don’t watch them. Instead:

    Take an issue that interests you and read about it in good pubs coming from varied perspectives to see what you think. I read the National Review and other conservative outlets in addition to pubs on the left and those at the center. That way you get a well-rounded view.

    Remember, it is only Thanks to an informed citizenry and an open and free media that we as a country maintain our freedom. Leaders in power never want to tell us what’s really going on, no matter what party they’re from.
    If you’ve read this far, thanks for listening.

  7. WARREN BEELER says:

    what are the ticker symbols of these 3 stocks

  8. Walter Goodwyn says:

    i am new to this , I have no idea of how to buy into companies for stock or even who to call. any ideas or help of how to get started

    • Kenny Ludowici Ga says:

      I am a 62 yr-old retired us ARMY VET with a 38 yr on top of that got my Social Security Benefits started finally now my wife over five years of appointments and denials was awarded only 370 a month. It’s not fair that our Legislators are Hacking away our hard earned pension and Benefits to hand out too people who are not even a citizen. They want me and you to invest our life savings and hard work in the elite 1% wealth corruption cycle. Walter, my advice to you would be get a consultation with a Financial Advisor /Investment/ Plan to suit your needs? You are not alone BRO!

  9. Giuseppe Cervi says:

    very interesting Keith, thanks. Nevertheles, share quotes show a certain retrocession lately. Couldn’it be that we are going “accustomed” to Trump, just to say it in a manner, and therefore there is a declining interest to the opposition of NYT to him?

    Kind regards

  10. Gene S. says:

    Gene : I am new to the T.W.F. but this inf. on the N.Y.T. sounds like it can benefit the investor.

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