Dow 21,000 – 22,000 When?

Total Wealth Staff Mar 01, 2017

Keith thinks it’s too early to call when the Dow could hit 22,000, but here’s his take on what’s really driving markets right now. Plus, his perspective on Google TV, Snap drones, and more.

4 Responses to Dow 21,000 – 22,000 When?

  1. darrell parks says:

    looking to have agreat year …thanks

  2. ASIIMWE says:

    Thank you for the wealth.

  3. Ofelia Valente says:

    More power to your dynamic team!!!!! Your publications are an endless wealth of knowledge and interesting source of valuable information for all your readers everywhere! God bless!!

  4. Rob says:

    Would be great if Kent actually got something right.
    How is this guy still in a job.
    Can you send me a list of all his winners & losers please.
    Thank you

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