Political Turmoil Putting the “Trump Rally” on Pause?

Total Wealth Staff Mar 06, 2017

Keith says confidence is the issue behind the markets’ stumbles Monday morning – traders don’t have it because of the headlines. Here’s his take on what traders really want to see, the three words that describe Snap Inc.’s current valuation, and more.

One Response to Political Turmoil Putting the “Trump Rally” on Pause?

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Keith, I bought into one of your 26(f) funds today and am now wondering if I should have put a trailing stop on it. The market is going down, the fund hasn’t been affected but when the crash comes, how does that work? Do we just sit tight and wait for it to come back up or get out of it and buy at a lower price? Please let me know and thank you Keith for sharing your knowledge. I know that you work hard at what you do and I really appreciate it. Barbara

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