Record Territory for Markets

Total Wealth Staff Jun 02, 2017

Markets continue to rally despite toxic headlines and political bifurcation. Money keeps flowing in, proving that economic underpinnings are stronger than people realize. Here’s Keith’s take – along with a bold claim that you won’t want to miss.

2 Responses to Record Territory for Markets

  1. Steve says:


    I love your articles and talks for a long time. But I kind of hesitate on your comment that the index could double or triple in next decade. First, I assume you are mainly talking about US stock market. As we know, US stock market experiences some major crash about every 7 to 10 years, and this time the bull market has been 8 years. What makes you feel so confident that recession would not come in another 10 years ? If recession comes in next 5 years, I really doubt the “double or triple” would happen because it takes usually 4 years from the time it drops from peak to the time it comes back.

    Really love to see your opinion on this question


    • Jessica Sheppard says:

      Hi Steve, and thanks for reaching out!

      Keith and I spoke this morning and he’ll be following up your question with a Total Wealth article on Friday. Keep an eye on your inbox.

      Best regards,

      Jessica Sheppard

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