“X” Marks the Spot

Total Wealth Staff Nov 18, 2017

Forget about the complicated market analysis, the PhD in rocket science or advanced statistics Wall Street would have you believe are important to the pursuit of profits. Instead, take your cue from where the money is moving, pick your price and get on board when the timing is right. You know when you see a very specific “X” pattern.

6 Responses to “X” Marks the Spot

  1. Ray Cullen says:

    I think this is the most fantastic way to make money!………simple, strait forward…….and all you need is an X and a little $

  2. lorie says:

    Sounds good, but question is, is that affordable to those people like me? I’m not rich, but if I can afford to invest a penny I’ll gladly give it a try.
    thank you.

    • Nicholas Riso says:

      Hi Lorie,

      Thank you for being part of Total Wealth and taking time to reply to concerns you may have. If you’d like, we could have a customer service representative contact you, or give you their number for a more direct communication!

  3. ALAN STOHL says:

    I believe that you and your company’s people will help.

    I’ve picked up some direction already.

    I only have $20k to invest, have spent a 25% on my education so far.

    Will follow the pyramid outlined and also purchase RTN. Grew up in Waltham; Dad worked as a mech. inspector for RTN. I’m at retirement age, and I even had patriot missile posters on my wall as a kid.

    Well enough of the pleasure I’ll have investing in that recommendation.

    Would like to turn your advise and my abilities into travel in a mobile home around the US. Would like to be able to tow a nice car behind. This won’t be a vacation, this will be home. Please help.

    Thank you, Alan.

  4. Alexandr says:

    Good day, I’m interested. Send a message to email… thank you. -Alex

    • Nicholas Riso says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you for being a part of the Total Wealth team and reaching out to us with your interest! If you’d like any information regarding our services, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service at 1.888.384.8339 or filling out a short request at moneymappress.com. We’ll be glad to help you with whatever information we can.

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