How to Know a “Must-Have” Investment Opportunity When You See It

Keith Fitz-Gerald Jan 13, 2018

We talk a lot about why you want to invest in companies making “must-have” products and services for one simple reason…

…because they’re the ones that are going to help you achieve the biggest, most consistent profits and create the kind of wealth that allows you to live the life of your dreams.

Most investors have no idea how to tell the difference between valuable, “must-have” companies, and far riskier, far less valuable, “nice to have” alternatives.

The distinction is critically important in 2018, which is why we’re going to spend a few minutes today talking about what to look for, how you’ll know when you find a “must-have” investment opportunity and, of course, a few specific recommendations I think you’re going to like as much as I do.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Companies producing “must have” goods and services are far more profitable and far less risky investments than companies making “nice to have” products.
  2. Investors who do not understand this distinction often pay a terrible price.
  3. How to know a “must-have” when you see one.

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