What’s Happened and What it Means for Your Money

Keith Fitz-Gerald Feb 10, 2018

When I started Total Wealth, I made a promise to myself – and more importantly to you – that I would do everything in my power every single day to help you protect your money and grow it at the same time.

Many flipped out this past week and thought about running for the hills – which made me, in turn head straight to Baltimore where our team is headquartered.

I spent time:

  1. Answering phones with customer service.
  2. Listening in on telesales.
  3. Doing a live video for Money Morning during which I took and answered questions directly from readers (perhaps even one of yours).
  4. And, of course, reading through a blizzard of email so that I knew exactly what you’re thinking – your hopes, your fears, and your questions.

All to hold up that promise I made you.

Speaking of which, one of the single most important things I did over the past few days was the Facebook live session I just mentioned regarding recent trading activity, what’s happening, why and, critically, what it means for your money.

Here’s a recap of that Facebook live session in case you missed it…

Key Takeaways:

  1. Following the Total Wealth Tactics and Unstoppable Trends that we discuss frequently is paramount when the markets get a case of the jitters because that’s how you stay focused on profit potential. Believe it or not, it’s still there and still stronger than we’ve seen in a decade.
  2. History shows very clearly that the biggest downdrafts always result in the best profits. This will be no different when the dust settles.
  3. Keep your emotions out of it. I know that’s tough but do your best! Here’s quick link to an older article about why this is so important to the big wealth we’re working on together.

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