Amazon’s Move into Online Banking Could Be the Most Profitable Industry End-Run Yet!

Keith Fitz-Gerald Mar 10, 2018

I told you last year that there were two industries ripe for an “Amazon-entry” in 2018 – healthcare and online banking.

Nobody else was talking about either at the time because they were seemingly unimaginable moves to conventional analysts and, of course, to most investors.

Now that both have happened, the question becomes, “what’s next and how do you profit?”

I have answers to both those questions in this week’s video, including a look at why the Law of Unintended Consequences will clobber any investor caught holding on to “old guard stocks.”

Enjoy… and profit!

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Most investors think the situation is over when Amazon makes a move but what they fail to realize is that the profit potential is just getting started if you’re on board with the right companies.
  2. Online banking could double Amazon’s stock price far faster than most people think.
  3. Three specific companies most at risk of a blow-up.

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