Second Guessing Markets Works Against You Every Time – Do This Instead!

Keith Fitz-Gerald May 12, 2018

What a wild week we’ve had.

The President’s “Dream Team” came back from China, peace is breaking out in North Korea, and the President withdrew from the controversial Iranian nuclear deal signed by his predecessor, President Obama.

The markets, of course, went bananas.

Only they didn’t go lower like most people expected. Instead, they rallied and, in doing so, caught millions of investors by surprise.

Thankfully not us, though.

We’ve talked many times about the one simple thing you can do to sidestep the traps Wall Street lays out for you and profit from moves that others miss.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Trying to second guess the markets works against well-intentioned investors every time.
  2. Being “in to win” is the purest path to profits, and there’s one simple thing you can do that guarantees you’ll be more profitable as a result.
  3. How to get your copy of a new report we’ve prepared that could be immensely profitable if you’re one of thousands of people who have been shortchanged by the Social Security Administration. Click here to learn more.

Until next time,

Keith Fitz-Gerald

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