This Company Could Revolutionize Cannabis Testing

Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 01, 2018

I’ll cut right to the chase.

Monday’s tech selloff, combined with news from Canada that will make sense in a moment, created a very specific opening. As usual, that’s a terrific opportunity.

Specifically, I want you to capitalize on the ensuing chaos by picking up an innovative testing company that got unfairly beaten down.

Today’s recommendation is in one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and, importantly, what I am suggesting is a twist on things that I’ve never seen discussed elsewhere.

Let’s dive right in.

Pot, Maui-Wowi, magic lettuce, cannabis… whatever you want to call it – marijuana is here to stay.

California and Canada have legalized recreational use and there are dozens of jurisdictions that are going to follow along. The global marijuana market will be worth nearly $60 billion less than ten years from now, according to Arcview Market Research.

More people than ever will “light up” which means there’s a huge opening being created…

… for law enforcement.

I’m not going to wade into the debate about legalization and whether or not there are medical benefits.

I couldn’t care less.

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But, what I do care about is this…

  1. Impaired drivers cause more than 50% of all accidents.
  2. Americans spend a total of more than one million days a year in the hospital because of crash-related injuries, and the cost of those injuries may be more than $20 billion in resulting lifetime medical costs. Some 75% of that cost occurs within 18 months of the crash-related injury, according to the CDC.
  3. Marijuana is the single most frequently found drug in the blood of drivers involved in all vehicle crashes, including those that are fatal. The EU DRUID program-related research shows drivers with THC in their blood are over 2X more likely to have caused fatal crashes than those who did not have either marijuana or alcohol “on board.”

Law enforcement has a huge problem on its hands. It’s difficult to catch “stoned” drivers despite the fact doing so is absolutely necessary for public safety.

Which brings me to Cannabix Technologies Inc. (OTC:BLOZF).

The company makes a breathalyzer capable of detecting cannabis, and it could revolutionize law enforcement by giving peace officers the ability to instantly determine the degree of impairment and take appropriate action.

That’s neat stuff and a desperately needed safety tool.

To put this in context, the global alcohol breathalyzer market is nearly $500 million, which means that cannabis testers could have a similar uptake.

This is literally a situation where every squad car out there on patrol would have a unit “on board” just like it does medical kits and other response gear.

However, this is also obviously a speculative play – so invest accordingly.

Cannabix stock got clobbered in Monday’s selloff and again on Tuesday following news that the Canadian government has authorized saliva testing for THC. It’s come back slightly to $1.25, as I write this, but I think it could easily double if I’m right about the potential.

Saliva testing, incidentally, is notoriously unreliable when it comes to impaired driving because the scientific validity is questionable. That’s important because every officer has to rely on rigorously tested results when issuing a citation and, if necessary, defending that in court.

Buy Cannabix stock at $1.30 per share or less and plan on selling half to immediately convert your position to a “Free Trade” when it doubles. There are no options available but, at this price, that doesn’t bother me.

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If the stock is trading above $1.30 when your order hits, don’t panic and do NOT chase the stock.

Doing so is a recipe for disaster.

Speculative investments like this one – especially when they’re microcap companies with breakthrough technology – are all about how you “buy,” not how you sell. So, you don’t want to make the mistake of paying too much in the first place.

Cannabix’s stock price will rise and fall in the weeks ahead as legislation evolves, and that means you’re probably going to get a shot at even lower prices, too.

Speaking of which, plan on adding to the position under $0.80 per share using another one of my favorite Total Wealth Tactics, the LowBall Order, to really turbo-charge your profit potential.

This is one of those very few stocks with enough volatility that you can repeatedly enter and exit the position… creating double and triple-digit returns each time.

Plus, it’s at a “cheap enough” price that the consequences of having to wait out a move aren’t costly – and that’s something you don’t see often in today’s markets.

I’ll send an update as soon as I have one.

Until next time,


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