How to Protect Yourself AND Potentially Profit During Hurricane Florence

Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 15, 2018

Hurricane Florence crashed into the Carolinas this past Thursday with heavy rain and winds rocking the coastal lowlands that were so much a part of my college summers.

The situation is clearly devastating and very dangerous to everyone involved, which is why I find myself thinking about – hoping – that the loss of life and property isn’t overwhelming.

Still, events like this can be “investable,” which is why I want to focus on a question from Ronald B. asking if there’s anything “we can do” to invest in the “wake” of storms like this one.

Yes – two things, actually.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Storm related investing requires a short-term orientation and even shorter-term risk management.
  2. Profitable opportunities are not what they once were because the trade is well understood and computerization so prevalent in today’s markets.
  3. Longer-term perspective is always more profitable over time than investing “in the moment.”

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