Here’s Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Be “In to Win”

Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 06, 2018

I walked on stage here in Dallas yesterday to a standing-room only audience and opened with a single thought…what a fabulous time to be an investor.

The economy is firing on all cylinders, we’ve got more intellectual capital, more intellectual prowess, more innovation now than anytime before in human history – all of which mean bigger profits ahead.

I know there are scary headlines, the midterms, China and a whole host of other goblins out there… but those are all things that belong in the “might happen” pile.

The “will happen” pile is far more exciting and far more profitable.

Being “in to win” isn’t just something I say, it’s a way of life made possible by some of the greatest investment opportunities in a generation!

Here’s why.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. There are always scary things that could “rock” the world’s financial markets but getting around them is simple and potentially very profitable if you know how.
  2. Never fear the unknown but, rather, invest in the certainty associated with everyone ELSE fearing the unknown.
  3. Look ahead because that’s where and how you’ll profit.

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