You’ll Never Get Rich by Following the Crowd

Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 01, 2018

Many investors have but one question on their mind…

… do I “buy the dip or sell the rip?”

If you’ve never heard that phrase before, it’s a Wall Street trader’s expression meaning buy on the pullbacks or sell into strength on rallies.

The problem is that you could easily make a case for either depending on how you “feel” about current market conditions.

What I’d like to see you do instead is something we talk about all the time… take emotion out of the equation.

How you feel about current market conditions has nothing to do with the quantitative reality we live in. Cold hard facts and numbers drive profits and learning to play those is where and how you’ll achieve success and become consistently profitable.

Look, I know that’s hard. I’ll be the first to admit there are times where even I struggle to keep my emotions in check, too. I see the same headlines you do, after all.

But, here’s the thing.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. You’ll never get rich by following the crowd.
  2. The public thinks there’s more selling to come, but the big money is searching for a bottom (and buying).
  3. Three proven tactics that can add a lot of zeros to your bank account in 2019.

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