Q2 Starts Up – And These Catalysts Could Send Markets Even Higher

Total Wealth Staff Apr 01, 2019

To kick off Q2, all of the indices are up big – but the big question is why? Keith joins Varney & Co. and lets you in on why it could be the big traders, and why what they’re doing could reflect what you need to do in order to get your money ahead. Plus, why Lyft Inc. (NasdaqGS:LYFT) is a deal you want to “fade” for now, what 99% of investors are missing with regard to 30-year mortgages at a 10-year low, and why Zuckerberg’s most recent move is likely just “play acting.”

One Response to Q2 Starts Up – And These Catalysts Could Send Markets Even Higher

  1. Mary Thompson Hepler says:


    Your intellect regarding the stock market came through loud and clear. I have to admit I don’t watch Fox, however after viewing this video, I will watch/dvr this show depending when it come on. I was in the hospital when my husband told me that LYFT went public. I had no wifi access for 7 days, therefore I could not read any emails from stock gurus like yourself. Even though LYFT went public, I watched the news that same day and heard things did not go well. FB will never be a good stock for me to buy unless the owner (I can’t spell his name) request an outside Internal Audit company or something drastic happens, like the current owner sells to a real knowledgeable owner/previous CEO with an outstanding background.

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