Three Strategies That Work Best Right Now (and Why Counter-Intuitive Thinking Is Key)

Keith Fitz-Gerald May 18, 2019

I got an interesting question earlier this week while in Las Vegas where I was speaking at the MoneyShow… what works best right now?

Usually, that’s a question related to which specific stocks, bonds, ETFs or other funds you want to buy. But in this case, the person asking wanted to know what kinds of investment methods work best given current market conditions and how you adjust to all the volatility gumming up the works.

That’s a savvy question, especially since there’s a very counter-intuitive answer.

Asking which stocks are “best” is only half the battle when it comes to big profits. To really hit the home runs you and I both know are out there, you’ve got to know which methods work best and when to use them.

Right now, for example, the markets are completely dominated by tweet-driven trading. This favors day traders and the institutional big boys because it caters to the short-term trading methods they use.

That does NOT mean you’re out of luck as an investor, though. You just have to change up your approach a bit…

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Stepping “back” is best, even though your instincts tell you to step “forward” – here’s how.
  2. The great companies we talk about frequently are STILL great but for reasons you might not expect.
  3. Being “in to win” is best for reasons most investors will never understand.

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