3 Sectors Poised for Big Profits (Even If There IS a Recession)

Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 31, 2019

Millions of investors are focused on the past right now.

That’s a huge disadvantage because it’s the future that matters – both in terms of how we live our lives and how we make our money.

Especially when it comes to how they view current headlines.

I don’t blame ’em, though.

They’ve been brainwashed to believe that life moves because of what’s already happened. So they see the financial markets the same way and, not surprisingly, get stuck in a rut.

That’s too bad, especially right now.

I say that because every single “risk” is really an “opportunity” in disguise.

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Key Takeaways

  1. We follow Unstoppable Trends – industries backed by trillions of dollars, that produce Must-Have products.
  2. Three sectors, specifically, are poised for big gains, and I’m watching them closely.
  3. These sectors are poised for gains IF there’s a recession, IF there’s a leg lower…or IF we get a rally. That’s the beauty of the Unstoppable Trends.

Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. Paul Schaffer says:

    INMD is a swinger. What is your take?

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