How to Trade IF There’s More Aggression in the Middle East

Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 21, 2019

Like millions of investors, I’ve been following the situation in the Middle East closely because of the potential events there have to impact global markets here. And, not surprisingly, I’ve got a couple of important observations that could play a pivotal role in protecting both your profits and your capital.

First, the fact that markets did NOT collapse is significant. Not all that long ago, the markets could have tanked the instant news broke but this time around the markets displayed remarkable resilience. This tells me there’s plenty of strength and that’s important to keep in mind.

Second, there will be more attacks. The region is just too chaotic to assume that peace breaks out, although I’d sure love to see that as much as you would.

And, third, there will still be strength in specific stocks and that’s where you need to concentrate your new money to protect it against more unsettling news.

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Key Takeaways

  1. The fact that the markets did not tank on news of the attacks signals something really critical that many investors risk missing.
  2. Put new money into these two sectors, but avoid a third.
  3. How to play the probability of new attacks, not the possibility like most investors who will be caught by surprise (again).

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