My #1 “Bankable” Prediction for 2020

Keith Fitz-Gerald Jan 18, 2020

Today we’re going to talk about my #1 most “bankable” prediction for 2020.

Starting with a simple thought that most investors haven’t latched on to yet.

It’s something you can use to immediately increase your profit potential this year and, frankly, for much of the next decade. What I have to say is simply that powerful.

The trick is that it’s not that obvious – which is why any investor who is not watching today risks being left behind. So, please share this video with anybody you think needs to see it!

Without further ado…

Here’s my number one most “bankable” prediction for 2020.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. The secret to creating terrific wealth is following companies with
  2. The bottom 10% of companies with valuations over $1 billion are destroying as much value as the top 10% create, which is why you and your money want to be with the “creators”
  3. Risk management is critical because unsuspecting investors will get creamed.
  4. Playing the offense is ALWAYS the better choice.

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2 Responses to My #1 “Bankable” Prediction for 2020

  1. Duane Bradley says:

    You never say how much money needs to be invested to make the $81,320/year..
    That is a very important piece of information that you are leaving out as well as other Money Map Press Salesmen.
    How much will I get if I invest as little as %50? Or, $100? for a year? Will it be $81,320 or $8.00?

    Please show how one can make the $81,000+ by indicating the amount of Investment in each of your ideas presented. That would make it more believable for me and others rather than just “pie in the sky” numbers being shown.

    Thank you very much.

    Please share the above comments with ALL of the other MONEY MAP PRESS people.

    • Keith says:

      Hello Duane.

      You can be certain I will share that because I share your frustration. Unfortunately, I have no control whatsoever over the sales process because that’s up to my publisher. By input, that’s another matter and I hear you loud and clear.

      Best regards and thanks for being a part of the Total Wealth Family, Keith 🙂

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