You Don’t Need to Be Rich to Get Rich in 2020

Keith Fitz-Gerald Jan 22, 2020

New York, New York – I want to share a thought.

The markets are flirting with new highs yet again and that’s got a lot of folks concerned that there’s nothing to buy, that every stock they hear about is already too expensive, that they can’t play the markets because they’re on a fixed income.

I’d like you to pay close attention if you’re one of ’em.

Investing doesn’t get any better than this.

Let me explain (and prove it to you)

This week, I’m in the city and, as usual, on the hunt for some fabulous profit potential.

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Millions of investors believe that they have to search for the one stock in thousands that’s relatively unknown. And, they’ve been led to believe that the cheaper it is, the better.

Not so.

The key is buying large scale companies tapped into one or more of the six Unstoppable Trends we talk about frequently. Not only are they tapped into trillions, but they can continue to grow exponentially for decades to come.

Wall Street doesn’t want you to know this.

In fact, Wall Street wants you to drop many of these stocks like a hot potato… so they can pick ’em up and ride into the sunset with your money in their pockets!

This seems obvious, but it’s not.

Take Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS:AAPL), for example.

The company is a cash cow, and contrary to what a lot of folks want to believe, it’s just beginning to hit its stride.

The company has a deep “competitive moat” – a term Warren Buffett likes to use to describe a company ability to remain competitive – and with an estimated 1.5 billion devices out there that’s something that won’t go away any time soon.

Apple’s got a ginormous customer base of 1.5 billion “super customers” who want damn near everything the company produces and who will spare no expense buying … phones, watches, subscriptions, services and more.

Profit margins are routinely above 20% which means the company produces $712 million in sales a day, if my quick back of the envelope calculations are in the neighborhood.

According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple may control as much as $313 billion of the healthcare data market within the next seven years.

My point is that Apple is a bargain at $317 a share.

In fact, I think it’ll hit $400 by the end of this year, which is saying something considering I told you it would double a year ago January to $300… and it did!

Here’s the thing.

This is a market where there is no time to go slow.

You have to be “in to win…” or you won’t win.

It’s really that simple.

Wall Street wants you to believe Apple is old news, and the pre-earnings reports about how the company will miss earnings, or sell only so many iPhones, are already starting to trickle across the internet.

They’re wanting you to sell or give up hope, if you haven’t already, because that’s how they clear the decks for themselves… by making you think this is complicated. That way you’ll need their “guidance.”

What a load of you-know-what.

Case in point, analysts expect consensus EPS of $4.53 per share when Apple reports on January 28 and – to my point – they’ve been wrong for a long time. Apple has beaten revenue and earnings estimates for the past four quarters and has long history of “surprising” the street to the upside.

I think the number tops $4.80, or possibly even $5 a share.

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The time is NOW.

Missing out is simply something you don’t want to do.

I believe short-sellers, perma-bears, and folks who just can’t move beyond the whole iPhone thing are going to poo-hoo Apple leading into earnings. Their goal is to create a downdraft by convincing the weak money to sell.

That’s a perfect opportunity to use one of my favorite Total Wealth Tactics – the LowBall Order – to pick up shares. I suggest you go hunting in the $300 per share arena – as in buy shares for $300 or less.

Or, consider using the same dip to sell a “bullish put spread” which is a combination of options that will profit when Apple resumes its march higher but strictly limits your risk in the meantime if it doesn’t or I am completely wrong (which is possible).

This takes far less capital to do, gives you a degree of control, and keeps risk to razor thin levels – which I like a lot at a time when the markets are overdue for a short-term pullback generally speaking, never mind our discussion on Apple today.

To that end, I’m actually working on a put selling service at your request and I’ll be introducing that shortly for everyone who’s interested! I’ll have more in the weeks ahead – but that’s in due time.

In the meantime, if you’re eager to trade Apple, I encourage you to take a look at what my colleague has been working on. Tom Gentile, America’s #1 Pattern Trader, has led his readers to nearly 300% in profit opportunities with a few well-timed options plays on Apple… all in less than 24 months.

While Tom and I frequently use different strategies, our goal is to always go for the exact same result: profits. He’s asked me to invite you to his private office, via satellite, so he can tell you exactly how he makes these plays: just click here to learn more.

You could also use the same dip to buy just a few shares of Apple stock and potentially make out like a proverbial bandit. Many investors don’t think this is “worth it,” and tell me they’d rather have Apple’s latest a greatest iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch because “at least they’ll get to use it.”

Talk about short-sighted!

An original iPod would have set you back $399. You’d be sitting on a staggering $93,222 in Apple stock today had you plowed that into Apple shares.

Apple does a fabulous job with their money.

Make it yours!

Until next time,


4 Responses to You Don’t Need to Be Rich to Get Rich in 2020

  1. Jon Kum says:

    Thank you Keith

  2. Gary Tustison says:

    Could not agree more. If you get a chance would you send me your unstoppable trends list. I saw it but didn’t pay much attention Then a few days later I thought..That is a great idea.

    • Keith says:

      Thank you Gary!

      I’ll actually go you one better… scroll up the page and look to the right. There should be a box displaying all 6 of the Unstoppable Trends that comes up – it varies browser to browser. Or, take a spin through the archives where you’ll find articles grouped by each of the trends themselves.

      And, of course, feel free to ask any questions you may have. Chances are good that if it’s on your mind, other members of the Total Wealth Family are thinking along similar lines, too.

      Best regards and thanks for being part of the Total Wealth Family, Keith 🙂

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