Weekend Edition: Why This Fund Is Your Best Friend at the Moment

Total Wealth Staff Mar 14, 2020

The stock markets are obviously in uncharted territory and, while that’s extremely uncomfortable, it’s not necessarily unprofitable if you have a plan. If you’re flying by the seat of your pants, that’s something else entirely and a topic for another time.

What matters now is very simple.

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14 Responses to Weekend Edition: Why This Fund Is Your Best Friend at the Moment

  1. Roberto Foster says:

    Appreciate the tone as well as your message. Kicking myself for not following my gut a couple of months ago, when instinct said to either lighten up on stocks, a lot, or go inverse ETFs.

    Now, looking to bottom-feed, having kept larger-than-usually recommended cash in stock accts. May try to get my wife aboard to move excessive idle cash from bank into to the market.

    Retired on public pensions, This huge hit to those trust funds amplify risk of cuts to income in longer-term. Right now, we’re insulated by not relying on personal investments for daily income.

  2. Rick simovitz says:

    Until. We seethe. Light. From. Corona. Business. Is. Dead. The. Direction. Is. Down.

  3. Marguerite Eustace says:

    Yes. I agree with you the COVID 19 is very serious. The virus can mutate and it could reappear in fall that is why a vaccine must be found soon. The Market could fall as much as 50% because history repeats itself if we do not get control of measures now. Recovery could be a long way off.

  4. John Byrne says:

    Have a great day. I hope you and your family are feeling well. How do you make a water bed bouncier? Spring water.

  5. Curtis Cerenzie says:

    I’m looking at MGM after casinos are shutdown, and LUV/ DAL after the announcement of a shutdown in the country. All of your recos are on the table at that time as well. I think the shutdown in our country occurs in about two weeks. Spain went today as I thought it would, and Germany/France are next imho. Then the US unless we start seeing progress or even a flatline in the stats. Also, all bets are off if a therapy surfaces, like GILD’s HIV Drug.
    Thanks for doing what you do.

  6. ROBERT TARDIF says:

    Thank you Keith.
    Thoughts please regarding CCL Carnival Cruise Lines and VET Vermilion Energy Inc.

  7. Sid Sattler says:

    Not sure if I’m missing something but didn’t see or hear what fund you are talking about.

  8. MJ says:

    Thank you for an up-beat, kind and realistic message.
    All the best to you and your family.

    The only “knives” in my life will be in the kitchen drawer!

  9. Robert Smith says:

    I’m watch the vanguard Russell 1000 growth, Vong and Vanguard S&P 500 Growth Voog.

  10. Frederick Boyd says:

    Thank you Keith I,m learning an learning from your incredible editions weekly news an events happening with us all( covid19) here in New Zealand .

  11. MICHAEL FREID says:

    I’ve stopped out on 2/3 of my portfolio, many were REITs which were all performing well. I hit my low-balls on CSCO, UTX and RTN. Now they’re down further! I did jump back into OXY at $10.25 … at least one is bouncing back.
    I’m 68 and held 1/2 of my investments in income producers. Which sectors look most promising and most importantly, what triggers should I be watching for?

    Thanks for all your great “common sense” information and advice.

    Best regards, Mike

  12. kevin Kelley says:

    buying IGM


    Hi Keith,
    I’m hoping you and your family are hanging in!
    I’m looking at DOW for possible pickup. It’s really been beaten down & now has a dividend of nearly 12%. I don’t know how long they will be able to sustain it but I’m thinking the stock may be due for a complete reversal once the dust settles. What do you think? Thanks!

  14. Margaret O'Keefe Ziegler says:

    Hi Keith,
    Hope you and yours continue to stay safe and sane! You probably don’t remember me, but you took my mother and I on a trip to China way back in 2007 I think? My elderly mother wanted to see the Great Wall of China before she died! She’s still around, now 90 years old, and still trading weekly options!
    I have a quick question – I recently received some extra capital to invest. Should I wait to see what happens here? How will we know when it’s safe to buy and not get cut up by that falling knife?
    And then another comment about the Coronavirus. Seeing your family self-isolate has strengthened my resolve to keep my family out of our normal activities. My husband is battling lymphoma and is halfway through chemo (he has another 3 months of treatment). I KNOW we need to isolate ourselves for his safety, but you wouldn’t believe the pushback I have gotten from family, friends, and our kids’ competitive sports teams! I’m really shocked that people don’t understand the math of a contagion like this. So my question is, is 2 weeks really enough time? Given that there are many people still circulating the virus without knowing it, how long is long enough?
    All the best!

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