Introducing Your NEW Chief Investment Strategist…

Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 25, 2020

When I launched Total Wealth in 2014, I never imagined the impact and global spread it would have. My goal was to build a small circle of serious, go-getting investors looking to make a little extra cash, whether that was for a relaxing vacation, a home remodel, or simply just to bulk up their retirement fund.

That’s exactly what I did – except the. Total Wealth family is far from a small group. Nearly half a million investors from all over the globe came together to learn how to manage and grow their money, and that’s something really special. It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of your financial journey as Chief Investment Strategist.

That’s why I don’t take this next decision lightly. I’ve asked my good friend and colleague, Shah Gilani, to take over as Chief Investment Strategist effectively immediately.

We’ve known each other for more than 20 years and let me tell you from experience, Shah’s the real deal. Not only that, he’s a close family friend and somebody I trust implicitly.

I’ll still be following along as a subscriber, and you can reach me on my personal twitter account @fitz_keith if you want to stay in touch. But it’s time for me to return to trading full time. I’m also going to be putting the finishing touches on investment analysis software I’ve had in the works for years – and of course, spending time with my wonderful family.

Thank you for the incredible trust you have placed in me. I could not ask for a better group of people to spend the last six years with.

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4 replies on “Introducing Your NEW Chief Investment Strategist…”

  1. Neal says:

    Okay ! Nice introduction Keith . Sorry for the tough love I gave you yesterday but lets hope Shah can make us all believers.. Give us something big..
    Don’t we deserve it…

    1. Keith says:

      Howdy Neal and no worries whatsoever!

      Shah is a fabulous individual and an extremely clever, smart guy. I think you’re in great hands!

      I’ll be over at @fitz_keith on Twitter if you’d like to say “hi” every now and then. Be “in to win” and, as always, rock on because you DO deserve it.

      Best regards and thanks for being part of the Total Wealth Family, Keith 🙂

  2. Craig R Anderson says:

    Dear Keith,
    I’ve been reading Financial Newsletters produced by The Money Map Press for ten years. The first newsletter I subscribed to was ‘Money Map Report, edited by you, Keith Fitz-Gerald. I still read you flagship newsletter and keep file folders of all those hard copies through the years. I’ve also been reading Dr. Kent Moors Energy Advantage all these yours. About two years ago I decided to stop buying annual newsletters then Lifetime subscriptions to all those annual newsletters at Money Map Press and took the plunge and joined the elite Passport Club’. I don’t regret my all in position.
    Anyway, I now see that you are no longer with the Money Map Press. I hope that you with popup somewhere else in the Financial Publishing Industry and I can again start reading and profiting from you insights.

    1. Keith says:

      Thank you so much, Craig.

      I’m not vanishing by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I’m working on some very exciting new software that I hope you’ll check out when the time comes.

      Best regards and thanks for being part of the Total Wealth Family, Keith 🙂

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