The Most Important Resolution You Can Make Right Now to Lock in Big Profits

Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 11, 2020

Many investors are busy hunting for tops and bottoms, and a few might even get lucky enough to find ’em.

Yet, There is something far easier to do when it comes to big, life changing profits.

A move that doesn’t cost you anything, but which can pay off in spades for rest of your life.

A move that doesn’t require you to learn something new or a secret formula.

A move that isn’t related to some complicated equations only a Ph.D. would understand.

The fastest way to big profits is simply to decide that you’re never going to let another loss get out of control ever again.

Let me explain.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Buy and hope is NOT an investment strategy; controlling your risk in the name of profits is.
  2. 3 easy ways to stop small losses from turning into portfolio killers
  3. The surprising reason why looking “back” is never a good idea

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